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5 New edX Courses Starting in November 2014

new edx courses in November

EdX is a provider of massive open online courses from top colleges around the world. Here’s a look at some of their newest offerings in a variety of subjects.

11 Online Courses for History Lovers and Others

online history courses

History is a lens through which to study the world and with this list of online history courses from several different providers, it is also a grreat lens through which to study LearningAdvisor. To check out our online learning opportunities, start with these and visit our website for thousands more free and low-cost online courses as well as degrees and professional certificates!

5 Tips to Finding the Best Online Learning Opportunity

online learning

Online learning is a disruptive force that’s changing the way people access learning opportunities in higher education and elsewhere. A new study proving the effectiveness of online learning will soon bring even more opportunities into the marketplace.

Earn College Credit from 6 Free Online Classes

Ace reviewed

Of the thousands of university-level, free online classes, only six are ACE approved for college credit. There can only be more room to grow.

8 Summer Classes to Delight Your Mind (for Free)


The tease of summer and all its leisure time beckons. Here are 8 free summer classes to get you thinking, dreaming, and learning all that fascinates you.

Top 10 Tips for Adult Learners Taking MOOCs

Top 10 Tips for Adult Learners Taking MOOCs

College teacher Rachel Hammond shares her tips from her own experience in the world of taking MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses.

3 Ways an Online Class Can Enhance Your Skills

Dr. Charles Severance

Professor and MOOC creator, Dr. Charles Severence shares his tips for working out which MOOCs are best for you when faced with the diverse options that are available.

Cutting the Red Tape: How to Advance MOOCs in the 21st Century

Online education innovations, especially MOOCs, are occurring faster than state and federal laws can keep up. Cutting the red tape will ultimately benefit students.

What Is a MOOC?

What is a MOOC?

Today, the term MOOC is a popular word in learning, but do you know what a MOOC entails? Get all the facts in this comprehensive look at what a MOOC is and why it matters.

5 MOOCs to Find Your Purpose

re-careering adults

When you find yourself at one of life’s crossroads, free online courses like these can help you determine the path to take. Learn more about yourself and your purpose with these 5 MOOCs.

MOOC Certificates Can Satisfy Employer Needs

MOOC Certificates Can Satisfy Employer Needs

Amid complaints that there are not enough skilled workers to fill jobs in the U.S., MOOC providers are stepping up with affordable programs to teach the most valuable skills and verifiable certifications to round out your resume..

4 New MOOCs You Should Take Right Now

4 New MOOCs You Should Take Right Now

Want to change the world? Take a look at the new How to Change the World MOOC . Get the lowdown on the other out-of-the-ordinary MOOCs that started January off with a buzz.