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5 Tips to Finding the Best Online Learning Opportunity

online learning

Online learning is a disruptive force that’s changing the way people access learning opportunities in higher education and elsewhere. A new study proving the effectiveness of online learning will soon bring even more opportunities into the marketplace.

8 Ways to Stay Organized as an Online Student

8 ways to stay organized as an online student

If you’re earning your college degree as an online student, one of the most challenging aspects is staying organized. These 8 tips will keep you on track.

Midlife Career Change: 5 Tips to Finding Your Purpose

midlife career change

Many people find reasons to make career changes in midlife. Make sure your next career will be the right one with these practical tips for focusing your strengths and interests into a recareering success story.

Exercise Your Brain—Why Lifelong Learning Keeps You Healthy

exercise your brain

A new study by the Mayo Clinic finds that a healthy brain needs exercise, too! See how lifelong learning can keep your brain in shape.

Enhance Your Job Skills with 8 Online Classes

enhance your job skills

Let your professional knowledge carry you to the next step in your career. These eight online classes will help you enhance your job skills and boost your career.

12 College Scholarships for Adult Learners

scholarships for adult learners

Adults are returning to college to advance their careers, and even to earn their first degrees! With 40-plus students making up the fastest-growing population of college students today, more programs are focusing on providing college scholarships to adult students.

The Power of Continuing Education

continuing education

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner shares how pursing your career ambitions is inextricably linked with continuing education. Stay ahead of the evolving economy with lifelong learning.

5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me before My Nest Was Empty

empty nest

Something big shifts when your children leave home. Here’s what one woman wishes she had known before her empty nest hit head on and why she took time to figure out her new way forward.

The Future of Adult Education Is Now: Addressing the Skills Gap in Today’s Workforce

adult eduction filling skills gap

Adult education is essential to tackling unemployment and putting skilled people back to work. Learn more about the options for adult learners and how you can become equipped for today’s job market.

Adult Learners Share Their Stories: Inspirational Videos

Adult learner

Watch adult learners share their stories of finding personal and career satisfaction through education in these inspirational videos.

Firefighter Fights Back with Psychology Degree

Camille Theriaque

When Camille Theriaque faced early retirement from her firefighting career, she knew she could still make a difference, and a psychology degree was the answer. Learn more about her journey and why this former firefighter plans to help the victims of post-traumatic stress disorder.

In-Demand Career: Health Information Management


Health information management is a new field, brought on by technological advancements in health care. Find out how to land a career in this growing field!