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Stress Management? There’s an App for That.

by Taylor Cotter Staff When I was looking for a way to procrastinate studying for a test or writing a paper, you could always find me playing bubble blaster, Tetris or Snood. These games served as just a small (or big) distraction from finishing up a bibliography or reading the end of a chapter. […]

Top 100 Social Media Colleges Spring 2012 Update: Harvard Rebounds

Today marks the third update to StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Social Media Colleges list.  Harvard University (#1) has risen back to the top of the rankings displacing Johns Hopkins University (#2). Both schools have extraordinary social media communities and continue to innovate and execute their social media strategies exceptionally well.  The biggest movers and shakers this […]

Johns Hopkins Outranks Harvard on New Top Social Media Colleges List

By Dean Tsouvalas Editor-in-Chief The latest StudentAdvisor Top 100 Social Media Colleges list features 17 newcomers, 44 climbers and several schools taking a hit in the rankings after a March Madness boost from the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The latest rankings, which cover April 2011, show that the end of the semester has curbed a substantial amount of […]

Top 100 Social Media Colleges: Johns Hopkins University

By Sam Coren Staff When your school has 34 Nobel laureates and counting, you wouldn’t expect it to be lacking in the innovation department. For Johns Hopkins University, social media is just another space for them to revolutionize. This much acclaimed private university in Baltimore, Maryland is often credited for making great strides in pioneering both the […]