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Top 5 Must-Do Job Search Tips

5 top job search tips

The ease of searching for a job on the internet mean’s there’s more competition for each open position. Find out how you can improve your chances of being hired.

7 Tips for a Successful Interview

7 Tips for a Successful Interview

You’ve searched for the right job, and now you’ve landed an interview. Here are the top tips for a successful interview.

“Internship, Now’s the Time”-Intern Queen, Lauren Berger

Even though it’s only February, now is the time to start thinking about landing an internship. Getting an internship during college is a crucial part to securing a job after graduation and finding the best internship is more competitive than ever. Because of the current economy, college students are looking to get a leg-up on the […]

How to Make the Most of Your College’s Career Services Center

College career centers represent a wealth of opportunity, knowledge, and experience in regards to the job search process. Unfortunately, these offices are also highly underutilized by the college student population. When I was in college, I visited my school’s Career Development Center a grand total of two times during my four years. Now as a […]

Guaranteed Way for Students to Stand Out During a Job Interview

By Stephen Jennings For 99.9% of People Don’t Do This!  Looking for a way to stand out when interviewing and put yourself in the best position to get hired?  I’m going to share a secret with you on how to prepare for an interview and I promise if you do this, you will stand out […]

Ten Tips for Internship and Post-Grad Job Seekers

While searching for an internship or post-grad job, you might think a growing company with interesting positions, great pay, top-notch benefits, and a cool office would find hiring to be a breeze in a recession like this. Nope.‘s CEO Don Fornes says, “we typically sort through about 150 candidates for each hire we make. Only […]

5 Tips For Landing Your First Job in Human Resources

If you’re considering majoring in human resources, you’ll need to know there’s more to landing that all-important first job in human resources than just the degree. Most HR professionals have at least a bachelor’s degree. While some make their way into HR via other fields, many of them majored or minored in human resources, labor […]

5 Job Hunting Tips

By David Kimmelman, Career Expert from, Special to Looking for jobs is a stressul process – don’t get discouraged! All college students and graduates should check out my 5 Job Hunting Tips which were featured on NECN’s Business evening show. Job Hunting Tips all college graduates should know: Resume objectives are passe Brand […]

From How Can Help You? is on! In the article, “How Can Help You?”, our resident career expert Laura LaPerriere shares some helpful information for students about internships and searching for jobs.

5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Resume

By Laura LaPerriere, Resident Career Expert from, Special to Struggling to write the perfect resume? According to the experts, only one resume out of 200 will lead to a job offer – so how are you going to make sure your resume gets noticed? Even if your skills are top notch, today’s job […]