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Getting an Internship through Face-to-Face Networking Events

  Networking events can be a great way for you to meet potential employers looking for internship help. Apart from giving the chance for employers to meet prospective employees on a personal level, they give you an opportunity to meet potential employers outside of the work environment. If handled properly, you could very well be […]

3 Tips for Finding a Summer Internship

By Vicki Salemi For Summer break is the perfect time to start building your resume with an internship. If you’ve never interned before, finding your first position can be a bit daunting. Read over author Vicki Salemi’s tips for an idea of where you can start and be sure to check out more solid […]

Job Market For New College Grads in 2011 Favors Internship Experience

By David Kimmelman For The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is predicting that the hire rate for new college grads in 2011 will increase by 19% after a decline of 22% in the previous year. These are certainly positive signs of job growth but that does not mean that it’s guaranteed that […]

Career Paths and College Majors: Does a Major Matter?

Spring semester is here, the time when college freshman and sophomores begin to choose their majors. A hard decision for most, as many students fear that it might set a career path they have to follow for the rest of their lives. While the major you choose IS important – especially if you’re going to […]

Ten Tips for Internship and Post-Grad Job Seekers

While searching for an internship or post-grad job, you might think a growing company with interesting positions, great pay, top-notch benefits, and a cool office would find hiring to be a breeze in a recession like this. Nope.‘s CEO Don Fornes says, “we typically sort through about 150 candidates for each hire we make. Only […]

5 Tips to Find an Internship

By Antonette Poli, Special to Internships are a vital part of a student’s educational experience. Internships help students get a glimpse into the field they are interested in pursuing after graduation. What a great way to see what people’s day to day responsibilities are really like, and what is going on in the specific […]

How to Find Internships

By Vicki Salemi, Special to You should treat an internship search as if it’s a regular job search. By leveraging your connections, you can often network your way into the ground floor of a company. It’s really never too early to start thinking about an internship or looking for internships. If you are always […]

From How Can Help You? is on! In the article, “How Can Help You?”, our resident career expert Laura LaPerriere shares some helpful information for students about internships and searching for jobs.

Types of Internships

By Laura LaPerriere, Resident Career Expert from, Special to Internships are very important for college students to gain relevant work experience, to build a network for professional contacts, and to get a real sense of the industry they are interested in. There are four different types of internships in the United States: 1. […]

Benefits of Internships

While in college, students should take advantage of internship opportunities. Internships have many benefits, including the possibility of a full-time employment opportunity after graduation and possibly even acquiring a higher starting salary. It is important to think of an internship as a stepping stone that could potentially become your career – so remember to take […]

10 Tips for Finding an Internship

By Dr. Dawn Chandler, Special to Finding an internship can sometimes be a time-consuming and challenging process. Internships are a great way to gain real work experience, and develop a network of professional contacts. Check out these tips for finding an internship: 1. Get to Know Your Professors. Be proactive and establish a friendly relationship […]