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Stonehill College and Franklin Pierce University Ahead of the Career Curve

Many colleges tout their great career service programs that place students in awesome jobs once they graduate – but what about freshman year? Stonehill College and Franklin Pierce University have revamped their career services programs and have begun offering career seminars and counseling to students as soon as they step foot on campus. For students […]

Summer Plans for High School Grads

High school grads: are you spending your summer before college working? Interning? Taking a class? Or, are you preferring to spend your last summer home lounging by the pool and going out with friends? Purvi S. Mody of Insight Education gives high school graduates some tips and tricks for making the most out of their […]

How a Student Unlocked SAT Success for Catalina HS Students

Danny Rivkin, a sophomore at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, spent many summers working and vacationing on Catalina Island. When this innovative 18-year-old, learned that the students at Catalina High School desperatley needed SAT prep help Rivkin decided to make a difference in the under-served community. Rivkin created an SAT Prep class that helped to […]

“Internship, Now’s the Time”-Intern Queen, Lauren Berger

Even though it’s only February, now is the time to start thinking about landing an internship. Getting an internship during college is a crucial part to securing a job after graduation and finding the best internship is more competitive than ever. Because of the current economy, college students are looking to get a leg-up on the […]

How to Prepare for Medical School as an Undergrad

By Sam Coren Staff So you’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor? Congrats! The world certainly needs more of them. Hopefully you won’t end up a cranky old kook like Dr. House or Dr. Cox from Scrubs. But being a doctor in real life is much harder than playing one on TV and getting […]

Considering a Virtual Internship? 5 Things You Can’t Work Without

By Sam Coren Staff As the world becomes more connected, more students are considering the possibility of doing their internships “virtually.” Who wouldn’t love to roll out of bed and gain work experience in their PJ’s?  Over the past decade more employers have begun to accept telecommuting as a valid working arrangement for full-time […]

Internship Spotlight: The Center for Effective Philanthropy

By Sam Coren Staff Ever wonder what it would be like to spend your internship doing something a bit more philanthropic? Every summer college students elect to spend their semester breaks doing good work at nonprofit organizations all across the country. While sometimes these positions are unpaid, the experience these students gain can be […]

Internship Spotlight: InternMatch

By Sam Coren For Imagine if your entire internship revolved around helping other students find internships. This week on StudentAdvisor’s Internship Spotlight we head to the west coast and talk to a student who’s happily climbing the ranks at InternMatch, a website that simplifies the process of connecting prospective interns with organizations. InternMatch also maintains […]

Trouble Getting a Job After Graduation? 4 Suggestions for New Grads

By Laura Snyder For If you didn’t land your dream job after graduation, new grads still have options. The assistant director of career development at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa. Dwayne Keiffer suggests these ways to gain experience in your field of interest while holding down a part-time job to pay the bills: Volunteer “Explore opportunities to […]

Internship Spotlight: HubSpot

By Sam Coren Staff It’s time for the second installment of our StudentAdvisor Internship Spotlight series! Every week we invite college interns across the country to talk about where they’re working this summer and give our readers the inside scoop on some seriously cool internships. And when it comes to cool internships, why not […]

Internship Spotlight: Winston-Salem Monthly

By Sam Coren Staff While some college students use summer break as an opportunity for travel and relaxation, others are rolling up their sleeves and reporting for intern duty. For the rest of the summer the StudentAdvisor team will be talking to interns all across the country to get the lowdown on intern life. […]

How to Make the Most of Your College’s Career Services Center

College career centers represent a wealth of opportunity, knowledge, and experience in regards to the job search process. Unfortunately, these offices are also highly underutilized by the college student population. When I was in college, I visited my school’s Career Development Center a grand total of two times during my four years. Now as a […]