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4 Ways to Revamp Your Résumé and Stay Productive This Summer

tips for college students

Find a balance between relaxation and productivity this summer with these tips on staying active while you build your résumé.

3 Good Reasons for Interning AFTER Graduation

interning after graduation

Finding a job after college graduation is the goal of every student, especially if you’ve been an intern already. Butt if you can’t find a job right away, are there benefits to post-graduation internships?

4 Reasons You Deserve a Paid Internship


In light of recent lawsuits against companies that abused the unpaid internship position, here are four reasons you deserve a paid internship.

5 Tips to Get a Summer Internship

summer internship

Working at an internship during college can help you get your first job when you graduate, but how do you go about finding and securing one? With summer fast approaching, check out these five tips to help you get to work before your next semester begins.

Adventures of a 50-Year-Old Intern: Returning to Work

Read our blog series about returning to the work force in the computer age after having stayed home to raise a family.

Internship Spotlight: Kate at Oscilloscope Laboratories

Many college students enter school with dreams of working in the entertainment industry. But, how exactly do you get there? Kate of New York University took her dream and is working on making it a reality with an internship at Oscilloscope Laboratories, an independent film distribution company in New York City. Kate shares her experience on […]

How Do I Get an Internship?: 8 Tips From StudentAdvisor

How Do I Get An Internship? Landing an internship is key to landing a job after college. However, where do you begin? Researching, applying, interviewing – the process isn’t easy! And, when you’re competing against thousands of other college students, how do you stand out? We compiled eight tips to give you an edge while […]

University of Rochester Student Works for International Relief

When Lendsey Achudi moved from Kenya to the University of Rochester, she knew she wanted to be a leader in international relations. What she didn’t know, however, was that she would find a mentor, get an amazing internship opportunity, and be making huge waves in the world before the end of her sophomore year. Lendsey is […]

Internship Spotlight: Angela at TipTap

Meet our first two-time Intern Spotlight, Angela from Suffolk University. Last summer, Angela shared what it’s like working in software at Hubspot. Now, she’s taking her talents to a growing web startup called TipTap, where she’s helping them out with social and viral marketing. Read more… Want to be featured in an Internship Spotlight? Email […]

How To Get A Job: Five Tips for New College Grads

It’s not a secret that landing a job right out of college can be rough. Where do you begin? StudentAdvisor talked to the team at, who surveyed college students about their job prospects. See what they found and  use the tips from InternMatch to figure out how to get a job! Read more…

Stonehill College and Franklin Pierce University Ahead of the Career Curve

Many colleges tout their great career service programs that place students in awesome jobs once they graduate – but what about freshman year? Stonehill College and Franklin Pierce University have revamped their career services programs and have begun offering career seminars and counseling to students as soon as they step foot on campus. For students […]

Summer Plans for High School Grads

High school grads: are you spending your summer before college working? Interning? Taking a class? Or, are you preferring to spend your last summer home lounging by the pool and going out with friends? Purvi S. Mody of Insight Education gives high school graduates some tips and tricks for making the most out of their […]