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New Opportunities in Health Care for the Information Age

healthcare informatics

From midwives to informatics, access to information is the driving force behind new careers in health care fields for those with the right technology training.

Non-Traditional Careers for Non-Traditional MBA Grads

non-traditional students

MBA graduates are in demand in almost any industry you can think of. If business management or finance don’t appeal to you, consider taking your new MBA degree into some of these other top fields.

Close the Skills Gap with Skills Not Degrees

close the skills gap

Colleges teach students to learn how to learn, but employers want graduates to have real-time skills to bring into the workforce. What options do you have if you want to get hired today, and what will the future bring?

A Job as Essential as Your Smartphone: Information Technology


Information technology has grown so fast, it’s now essential to every field. But what is and what does a career in IT require? Find out where you fit in.

5 In-Demand Jobs for Book Lovers


In-demand jobs for book lovers gives you the chance to work your love of reading into each day on the job. Which is a perfect fit for you?

5 In-Demand Jobs for Patriots


Jobs where people defend our rights, protect our interests, and prepare us for the future are all patriotic. These 5 patriotic jobs help us make a difference to our country, our families, and our communities.

5 Education Resolutions to Start Now

5 Education Resolutions to Start Now

Throw off the blanket of winter and renew your education resolutions this spring. Find out what people want the most and what they can learn to get there.

Why Computer Programming Is for Women, Too

Woman Computer Programmer

Women who enter the computer programming field can make a difference in the world and find a lasting career. Immersion boot camp programs are designed to quickly teach marketable technology skills for women ready to start or change their careers.

Required Skills for Computer and Information Technology Careers

Computer and Information Technology Careers

Computer and Information Technology Careers Technology is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the latest advances is critical to success in technology careers. The IT industry employed more than 1.5 million people in 2011—the largest amount of any computer-related industry. Computer and information technology professionals manage and support networks, create new software, and ensure information security. Important skills […]

Be In-Demand with a Low-Cost Online Degree in Information Technology

Information technology, or IT, represents one of the fastest growing sectors of employment. As technology changes rapidly, so do the IT skills needed to keep up with the demand. However, advancements in information technology are currently outpacing the skills of its workforce. [You can enroll for an online IT degree today.] To fill this growing […]

What is an E-Commerce Degree, and Why Do I Want One?

What is e-commerce? You may have heard about e-commerce before, but what is it exactly? E-commerce involves doing business online using the Internet and “purchasing and selling products, information or professional services all of which are accomplished through fax, email, and the use of various other electronic tools” [i]. E-commerce could make it easier to conduct […]