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6 Best-Paying Jobs for Engineers

top jobs for engineers

The top-paying positions in the field of engineering require the three E’s – education, experience, and expertise – but every journey starts with a first step. Set your sights on one of these high-paying engineering positions and you will have the incentive you need to excel in your college studies!

10 In-Demand Jobs in Health Care

in demand jobs in heatlhcare

Check out these in-demand jobs in health care – from nursing to informatics – in fields that are predicted to grow through 2020.

In-Demand Career: Health Information Management


Health information management is a new field, brought on by technological advancements in health care. Find out how to land a career in this growing field!

5 In-Demand Jobs for Book Lovers


In-demand jobs for book lovers gives you the chance to work your love of reading into each day on the job. Which is a perfect fit for you?

5 In-Demand Jobs for Patriots


Jobs where people defend our rights, protect our interests, and prepare us for the future are all patriotic. These 5 patriotic jobs help us make a difference to our country, our families, and our communities.

10 In-Demand Jobs for Working Outdoors

in demand outdoors

The are a variety of careers that include working outdoors, either all or part of the time. Learn what skills the fastest-growing jobs in outdoor fields require and how which ones might be right for you.

10 In-Demand Jobs for Veterans

jobs for veterans

Jobs for veterans are available in high-demand fields where the training and skills they have acquired during military service is valuable to employers.