Holiday Break Articles

How to Survive Your First Thanksgiving Break Home From College

By Megan Kenslea Staff My freshman year of college I couldn’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving. I had kept in touch with most of my friends with constant video chats, Facebook messages, but I hadn’t seen most of them since August. I had big vacation plans – dinner dates with my best friends, […]

Thanksgiving Break: Driving Home from College? Safety First!

By Ross A. Kennedy For In college, the Thanksgiving holiday means stressful exams, eating too much, and hearing your Aunt Jean (after imbibing a bit too much) tell your new girlfriend how chubby you were as a baby. But your greatest risk over the break isn’t choking on a turkey bone, or the verbal […]

Summer 2011 Reading List: Must Read Books for College Students

By Amy Rosenbaum For Summer reading can be hit or miss. Sometimes, you’ll love the assigned books, and sometimes you’ll want to lie down in front of a running lawnmower before you read another page. Here at StudentAdvisor, we completely understand, so we’ve compiled our completely voluntary and totally awesome summer reading picks. There’s […]

Looking for a Summer Job? Some Tips for College Students

By Matt Gardner For Buying a car, hunting for an apartment and landing a summer job are three of the most tedious and painful experiences you may ever encounter. With patience and the right tools, finding a summer job becomes less of a chore and more enjoyable once you know what you’re looking for. […]

Surviving College Summer Breaks at Home With Your Parents

By James Jackson For Freshman year has come and gone, the parties, the excessive studying, and the socializing are all over. Now comes summer vacation! Your friends from high school are slowly trickling back into town and all you can think about is hanging out and taking a break from the books. The first […]

3 Tips for Finding a Summer Internship

By Vicki Salemi For Summer break is the perfect time to start building your resume with an internship. If you’ve never interned before, finding your first position can be a bit daunting. Read over author Vicki Salemi’s tips for an idea of where you can start and be sure to check out more solid […]

Why You Should Consider an Alternative Spring Break During College

By Ardith L. Feroglia For We, in the college world, are quickly coming to that anticipated respite from the academic grind. Although in the meantime that probably means lots of studying, researching or writing, it also means looking forward to the glory of having more than two days off in a row. I’m talking […]

Parents Guide to College: When Your Kids Return Home

Part of the Student Advisor’s Tips for College Parents: How to avoid stress when your college kids return home for the winter  break Welcome home college students.  We’ve got some tips for parents to help keep this happy time happy for everyone. Be realistic with the rules – Your child has likely lived without rules […]