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Fall Checklist for High School Seniors

School has been back in session for several weeks now. For high school seniors, this year is will be exciting, hectic, and full of memories. By this time, high school seniors should be narrowing down what they will be doing next year and where they want to go to college. Here is StudentAdvisor’s Fall Checklist […]

Jump Start the College Planning Process

By Beth Fredericks, M.Ed., Special to StudentAdvisor.com Researching and choosing a college is an important descision that requires a lot of time and energy for your child and your family. Make sure to encourage your child to start looking into colleges when they first start high school – and not to wait until their senior […]

Things to Consider When Choosing Colleges

By Brian Eberman, CEO of StudentAdvisor.com Parents – before your teen starts researching colleges, make sure you talk with them to determine which school will match their personality, academics, budget, and future. Consider what kind of degree your child will need, if your family can afford the college tuition, and how large the school is […]

Top 3 College Planning Strategies

By Brian Eberman, CEO of StudentAdvisor.com StudentAdvisor.com is a free college planning resource for students of all ages and backgrounds. Recently I was featured in a college planning article by The Arizona Republic 12 News. Here are the Top 3 College Planning Strategies I recommend to help determine the school that fits a student’s personality, […]

Finding the Right College – 6 Things to Consider

Now is the time of year when millions of high school seniors gear up for their final hurrah. Finding the right college becomes the hot topic of discussion, and college tuition – well, that’s for Mom and Dad to worry about. Before the process of evaluating colleges begins, do you know the important questions to […]

How Students Research Colleges

The process of researching colleges has evolved over the last couple decades. As high school seniors and their families begin to research colleges online before anything else, colleges can can see opportunity to save some trees, as glossy marketing materials mailed to prospective students barely breach the top 5 ways college students seek information about […]

Hey Parents! 5 Things You Need to Know When Your Child is Applying to College

By Steve Schneider, School Counselor at Sheboygan South High School, Sheboygan, WI, Special to StudentAdvisor.com Parents – we know that you only want the very best for your child. Choosing a college can be a difficult decision for your family. Here are 5 Things You Need to Know When Your Child is Applying to College: […]

5 Steps to Start the College Conversation

Parents – if you want your child to go to college, you should start talking about it sooner rather than later. How can they know what they want if they aren’t aware of the possibilities? From the small, local community college to the largest state university, there’s an educational setting somewhere where your child can […]

What Parents Need to Know About the College Admissions Process

By Katherine Cohen, Special to StudentAdvisor.com Parents, if you have a teenager at home, there is a good chance you are wondering where they will be heading off to college. These days, the college admission process is more competitive than ever before. Here are the Top 10 Things Parents Need to Know About the College […]