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8 Tips to Help You Master the SAT Writing Test

SAT writing tips

These eight tried and true tips from an SAT expert will help any student achieve success on the essay section of their SAT test.

2013 SAT and ACT Test Dates

It’s the new year – and that means new tests to take! Whether you’re trying to ramp up your scores for your senior year, taking your SAT and ACT for the first time junior year, or getting a head start, you’ll need to know the dates the SAT and ACT tests are administered. Check out […]

How To Tackle the SAT Critical Reading Section

by Taylor Cotter StudentAdvisor.com Staff Why does Kaplan Test Prep’s Rory Hatfield think that tackling the SAT Critical Reading section is as simple as going grocery shopping? Read his advice and see how you can get ahead by using a few grocery-list tactics! Read more…

What “MythBusters” Can Teach You about the ACT Science

The science section of the ACT is one that’s often meant with a little apprehension. After focusing on your verbal and math skills, what’s the best way to suddenly make the shift to science? Our best advice? Watch some TV! Jonathan Darrall of Kaplan Test Prep shows us that some of the best strategies for […]

Vocational High School: Is it right for you?

Vocational high schools aren’t just for future mechanics or carpenters anymore. With 80 percent of students taking some vo-tech courses, career training in high school has become the norm. By taking career courses, students have the opportunity to explore different industries, earn college credits, and have a better chance of being employed after graduation. Interested […]

How a Student Unlocked SAT Success for Catalina HS Students

Danny Rivkin, a sophomore at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, spent many summers working and vacationing on Catalina Island. When this innovative 18-year-old, learned that the students at Catalina High School desperatley needed SAT prep help Rivkin decided to make a difference in the under-served community. Rivkin created an SAT Prep class that helped to […]

How to Study for The ACT: Last Minute ACT Practice Tips

By Sam Coren StudentAdvisor.com Staff Students all across the country will be sharpening those number 2 pencils and gearing up to take the ACT exam soon. While college admissions exams are not exciting on their own, the anxiety leading up to test day can send you into a tizzy. And if you’re a terrible procrastinator about […]

SAT and ACT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines 2011-2012

By Sam Coren StudentAdvisor.com Staff College entrance exams are the bane of just about every high schooler in America. Between your regular coursework, after-school activities, and all the assorted craziness of being a teenager, do you really want to think about another test? To help you get through one of the most anxiety-filled times in your […]

The Best High School Graduation Advice No One Ever Told Me

By Megan Kenslea StudentAdvisor.com Staff  It’s hard to believe that you are graduating high school. After all, you were the freshmen when I was a senior three years ago. In my mind, you are still awkward ninth graders, but in reality, you’re the ones wearing the caps and gowns these days. I’m jealous. My last […]

Taking a Year Off Before College: Can I Afford a Gap Year?

By Robin Pendoley For StudentAdvisor.com Even in a struggling economy and with the price of higher education climbing every day, it’s important to remember one thing: EVERYONE CAN AFFORD A GAP YEAR. In fact, I’m going to argue that you can’t afford not to do a gap year. It’s a bold statement, but consider these […]

Scholarships for High School Students: 2011 National Financial Capability Challenge

By Sam Coren StudentAdvisor.com Staff Think you have a head for finance? Put your knowledge to the test and earn scholarship money for college! The Charles Schwab Foundation is teaming up with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and U.S. Department of Education to launch the 2011 National Financial Capability Challenge.  Win up to $1,000 […]

Taking Time Off Before College: The Wide World of Gap Year Programs

Not everyone is ready to dive headfirst into college right after high school. The concept of taking a “gap year” – time off before starting college – is becoming increasingly more popular amongst graduating high school seniors. But how can you make the most of this time? How do you even start planning?  To find […]