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10 In-Demand Jobs in Health Care

in demand jobs in heatlhcare

Check out these in-demand jobs in health care – from nursing to informatics – in fields that are predicted to grow through 2020.

5 Nursing Jobs that Will Increase Your Salary

in-demand nursing jobs

Highly sought-after nursing positions often require the most education and experience, but that extra education and hard work can be reflected in better salaries and more job satisfaction.

Preparing for the Future of Health Care

future of health care

Jobs in the health industry are growing faster than in any other. Prepare for the future of health care with an education to help you stay ahead in this dynamic field.

In-Demand Career: Health Information Management


Health information management is a new field, brought on by technological advancements in health care. Find out how to land a career in this growing field!

Outsource-Proof Your Job with Online Classes!

outsource-resistant jobs

LearningAdvisor has paired a list of outsource-proof academic majors with online courses and degree programs to help you become competitive in those fields.

5 Education Resolutions to Start Now

5 Education Resolutions to Start Now

Throw off the blanket of winter and renew your education resolutions this spring. Find out what people want the most and what they can learn to get there.

5 Fast-Growing Health Care Careers

Hospital Health Careers: A Wealth of Choices

The health and wellness industry expects a 33% growth rate. See if a hospital health career is the best place to showcase your talents.

Health and Wellness Careers: The Fastest Growing Industry

Health and Wellness Careers: The Fastest Growing Industry

Health and wellness careers can provide amazing opportunities in an in-demand industry. We show you an in-depth look at the options available!

A Career in Nursing: What You Need to Know


It’s possible to qualify as a registered nurse in 18 months or less of study. Registered nursing is the top occupation for job growth, and this is expected to continue at more than double the average rate for all other occupations through 2020.

Physical Therapy Careers: Becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant

Want to earn a living helping people recover their mobility through physical therapy? Then you might want to look into becoming a physical therapist assistant! Physical therapist assistants provide care, exercise, instruction, and various other forms of stimulation with the direction and supervision of a physical therapist. So what kind of person makes for a […]

Chamberlain College Tuition Discount Program for Hispanic Nurses

With a growing healthcare system and a growing Hispanic population in the United States and Puerto Rico, there has never been a bigger need for Hispanic nurses. Help close this cultural gap! Out of the 16 percent of the population in the United States and Puerto Rico that is Hispanic, only 6 percent are in […]

Associate Degree Spotlight: Medical Billing and Coding

For those of you looking to quickly start a career after high school or begin a new one, an Associate degree program may be a better option than attending a traditional 4-year college. Want the lowdown on one of the fastest growing careers you could start with an Associate degree? Then check out medical billing […]