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Top 100 Social Media Colleges Spring 2012 Update: Harvard Rebounds

Today marks the third update to StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Social Media Colleges list.  Harvard University (#1) has risen back to the top of the rankings displacing Johns Hopkins University (#2). Both schools have extraordinary social media communities and continue to innovate and execute their social media strategies exceptionally well.  The biggest movers and shakers this […]

Student Entrepreneurs: Getting On-Campus Help for College Startups

By Danielle Sandahl StudentAdvisor.com Staff “Entrepreneurs are not normal. Normal follows, entrepreneurs lead.” As a Babson student, I’ve constantly been told that an entrepreneur is not just someone who starts a business, but rather that entrepreneurship is a way of thinking. While this definition is a great motivator for students, those who are brave enough […]

This Week in College News: Occupy College Movement

By Megan Kenslea StudentAdvisor.com Staff Every week StudentAdvisor compiles the top stories in college news. Here are the some of the biggest stories that made the headlines this week:  Occupy Wall Street Movement Hits Colleges The Occupy Wall Street movement that is sweeping the nation this week has now made its way to college campuses.  From […]

This Week in College News: Steel Exec Pledges Millions of Dollars to Pittsburgh Schools

By Megan Kenslea StudentAdvisor.com Staff Money is on everyone’s mind this week. A steel executive promised nearly $400 million to the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard’s endowment grew to over $32 billion. And, while Brooklyn College is going out of its way to cater to even its smallest residents, Cincinnati State teachers […]

The Best College Movies to Watch on Netflix Instant Streaming

Getting ready to head off to college? Get in the spirit and check out some of the best college movies on Netflix instant streaming.

This Week in College News: Winklevoss Twins Get Dissed by Ex-Harvard Prez

By Megan Kenslea For StudentAdvisor.com So much for a slow summer…this week has been a busy one in the college news world. From the UC education system to yet another controversial remark from Larry Summers, here are some of the top stories on this edition of This Week in College News: Former Harvard President Larry […]

Johns Hopkins Outranks Harvard on New Top Social Media Colleges List

By Dean Tsouvalas StudentAdvisor.com Editor-in-Chief The latest StudentAdvisor Top 100 Social Media Colleges list features 17 newcomers, 44 climbers and several schools taking a hit in the rankings after a March Madness boost from the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The latest rankings, which cover April 2011, show that the end of the semester has curbed a substantial amount of […]

Top 100 Social Media Colleges: Harvard University

By Sam Coren StudentAdvisor.com Staff When people think “social media” and “college” chances are Facebook is the first thing that comes to mind. Despite never graduating, Mark Zuckerberg can go to sleep knowing his ex-school secured a safe spot at the top of StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Social Media Colleges. With its brick column gates, prestigious […]