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College Graduation Gifts to Remember!

graduation gifts for college grads

While money is always a great gift, there are other unforgettable presents you can give to a new college graduate.

5 Final Tips for College Graduation!

tips for college graduation

Don’t coast through your last semester of college! Finish strong and set yourself up for career success with this sound advice from someone who has been there before.

Student with Learning Disabilities Rises to the Top of Her Class

learning disabilities

This student’s determination to overcome learning disabilities led her to the top spot of valedictorian at Beacon College. Through her support and guidance, she’s made a lasting impact on fellow students.

Art Degree Provides Outlet for Student with Learning Disabilities

becca Beacon College

Combining both digital media and studio art has allowed this student with learning disabilities to express herself creatively, hone career-ready skills in graphic design, and triumph over the anxiety of sharing her personal journey through her art.

Commencement Speakers 2014: Who Is Speaking at Your Graduation?

commencement speakers

Check out our complete list of college and university commencement speakers for 2014. Who is speaking at your graduation?

Top 2014 Commencement Speakers

commencement speakers

Every year, the country’s most influential people impart their wisdom to college graduates. Find out who are the most-anticipated commencement speakers this year.

12 Cheap and DIY Graduation Gifts (That You’ll Actually Use!)

Summer is here, which means graduation parties are in full swing. It’s fun to give and get gifts, but when all of your friends, cousins, nieces and nephews are graduating, things can get expensive pretty quickly! And what’s worse than buying or receiving an expensive gift? Not using it. That’s where we have you covered. Whether you’re […]

5 Things to Know About the Transition From High School to College

The summer between the end of high school and freshman year of college is truly a memorable time. You are encountering a transition that is exciting, nerve-wracking, incredibly intriguing, and fairly frightening all at once. This is one summer you won’t be spending worrying about the return of your school’s all too familiar bell schedules […]

2013 College Commencement Speeches

In case you missed them, check out some of these college commencement speeches for the Class of 2013. From Oprah to Obama, Stephen Colbert to the Dalai Lama, graduates across the country were inspired and motivated to head out into the world and do good. Check out the full list on our YouTube channel. Bonus […]

2013 College Commencement Speakers

It’s that time again – the weather is nicer, the finals have begun, and graduation is here…for better or worse. If you’re a college student, most likely you’re dividing your time between last-minute study sessions, last-hurrah all-nighters with roommates and friends, and all the conflicting emotions that come with the end of senior year (A sigh of […]

5 Things I Miss About College

What I took for granted I recently spent a day up at my alma mater (UNH – go Wildcats!) to help out a student organization. Maybe it was the sunshine, maybe it was the overwhelming nostalgia, but I couldn’t help walking around with a smile, looking at the campus – my home for four years […]

Pros and Cons of Graduating College Early

Students and parents are always looking for ways to save money, so how about subtracting an entire year of tuition? Dean Tsouvalas, StudentAdvisor Editor-in-Chief, spoke with New England Cable News about the recent trends of students graduating in three years. Dean talks about the pros and cons of graduating early, as well as tips to […]