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7 Tips for Working Students To Complete Their Degrees

Tips for working students to complete their degrees

How to get your work-life-study balance in order when you pursue higher education.

11 Indispensable Dissertation Tips and Tools

Tips and tools for effective dissertation writing.

These tips and tools for writing a more effective dissertation will get you up to the challenge of tackling this daunting document.

5 Questions International Students Should Ask About Online Education

5 questions international students need to ask about online education

International students can save money with online education because they don’t have to leave home to study anywhere in the world.

How To Survive Graduate School: 5 Tips For Busy Students

tips for busy graduate students

Don’t let yourself get run down by the demands of graduate school. Take care of your health and your grades with these tips.

5 Master’s Degrees That Pay for Themselves

master's degrees that pay for themselves

Earning your master’s degree should qualify you for better jobs with more pay, but that’s not always the case. Find out which master’s degrees are making the grade in today’s economy.

Considering Grad School? 6 Degrees Well worth the Effort

graduate degrees

These grad school degree programs will put you at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

6 Ways A Master’s Degree Can Improve Your Work Life

improve your professional life with a master's degree

In addition to financial rewards, earning your master’s degree has many benefits for your professional life.

4 Tips to Make Your Graduate Application Stand Out

tips for graduate scholl application

Whether you head straight to graduate school after completing your undergraduate degree, or you come back to school later, there are ways to make the admissions committee take notice of your application.

A Specialized MBA Helps You Compete in Today’s Market

earn a specialized MBA

Specialization in an MBA degree program can make you valuable to employers looking for talent in niche markets.

Should I Go to Graduate School? 9 Tips from a Student Who’s Been There

Sarah Cotton 2

Graduate school can be an expensive investment, especially on top of undergraduate student loans. Learn the secret to choosing a program with the best return on investment from a student who has worked out the process.

Online MBA Fair Gives Options For Business Students

by Taylor Cotter Staff Getting a Masters in Business Administration is a big decision. If you’re looking to start an executive track at a corporation, getting an MBA is often the best way to get your foot in the door. However, getting an MBA requires huge time commitment and effort. Often, current employees who are interested in […]

Should I Go to Grad School? 4 Signs You Aren’t Ready Yet

Facing a less than stellar job market, recent college graduates are looking more dewy-eyed than ever at the possibility of going to grad school. After all, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, master’s degree holders on average tend to have lower unemployment rates and higher weekly earnings than those who have just their bachelor’s. […]