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7 Tips to Help Adult Learners Go Back to School

study tips for adult college students

Adult students have a lot to bring to the college experience. If the thought of going back to school gives you butterflies, build up your confidence with these great study tips, online practice resources, and advice from one who’s been there.

‘Open College’ Offers Affordable Adult Degree

Open College at Kaplan University

If you are an adult learner with some college credit, but no degree, Kaplan University’s innovative new Open College will help you earn a Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies by combining prior credit with Kaplan courses and free open online resources!

Saving Lives and Giving Back with a Nursing Degree

nursing degree

A nursing degree allowed Kathy Getchel to make a bigger impact in her career as a hospital leader and nurse educator.

6 Financial Aid Tips for Nontraditional Students

6 Financial Aid Tips

Adults over 40 are looking to education to improve their career prospects. These tips will help nontraditional students find financial aid.

A Human Services Degree: The Social Network of Good


Melissa Bowermaster was a volunteer at her local child advocacy center but after wanting to do more, she got her bachelor’s in human services from Kaplan University. Now she’s the executive director of Jessie’s Place, a child advocacy center in Citrus county, Florida and helps her community in meaningful ways every day.

5 Tips for Adult Students Returning to College

adults returning to college

Learning never goes out of style, but you may need to brush up on a few things to make your new college experience a successful one. Following these five expert tips will help you prepare for your return to the college classroom.

Get Your College Degree Faster with Prior Learning Credit

prior learning assessment

Adult college students should be aware of opportunities to earn college credit for what they already know. Prior learning credit speeds up the degree process, saving students time and money.

Finding Money for College: Great Ways to Get Tuition Assistance

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Finding money for college can be challenging, but we’ve got a list of great resources to help you find tuition assistance and meet your educational goals.

5 Tips for Midlife Career Change Success

5 Tips for Midlife Career Change Success

Switching careers is a big step but you can make a late-life career change happen. Use our career change advice to get the job you dream about.

Military RNs: Is Telemetry Nursing a Career for You?

military rns in telemetry nursing

The experience you’ve received in the military can be transferred into advanced nursing degrees in the civilian workforce earning you higher salaries in a growing field.

Going Back to School? New Traditions for Nontraditional Students

New Traditions for Non-Traditional Students

Going back to school as an adult? Don’t fret! Nontraditional students are no longer uncommon. Read about one woman’s journey to get her bachelor’s degree at age 29 and other options students like her have for going back to school.

Dos and Don’ts of Back to School Etiquette

by Purvi S. Mody for StudentAdvisor.com Back to school season is upon us, and for most students that means new teachers, new classes, and new responsibilities. In order to have a successful year, no matter what grade you are in, it is important to follow some basic rules of etiquette for back to school. Your […]