Freshman Year Articles

College Roommates: 4 Things to Avoid When Getting to Know Each Other

By Sam Coren Staff By now many freshmen around the US are starting to get acquainted with their first live-in roommates. Living in close quarters with your peers takes quite a bit of adjustment. For some students, it may be their first time even sharing a room with someone else. In the past we’ve […]

On Campus vs Off Campus: The Pros and Cons of Living Off Campus

By James Jackson For When I was a freshman three hours away from home, living on campus was like a fairy tale. With no one peering over your shoulder, you’re free to come and go as you please. As a freshman and a sophomore that was perfect, meeting new people, party- hopping, but after […]

What Does it Take to Become a Doctor? Advice for High School Students

By Purvi S. Mody For More than forty percent of students that walk into my office tell me that they want to become doctors. Most, however, don’t understand the paths they will need to follow to reach their ultimate goals. While there is one traditional route to a medical career, there are other suitable […]

Freshmen Orientation Dos and Don’ts

By Sam Coren Staff Throughout the summer colleges across the US will be holding freshmen orientations. For current college students and alumni, orientation is just a fleeting memory, but for new students it’s a source of anxiety and excitement.  After all, orientation gives you that first real glimpse of what college life is going […]

Tell Us Your Must-Have Dorm Items for StudentAdvisor’s New Dorm Guide

By Sam Coren Staff Is it a luxury bean bag? A shower carry-all? A rice cooker? A Scentsy candle? Last year when we unveiled our College Dorm Essentials Guide students and parents flocked to StudentAdvisor to see what they should arm themselves with before making that big move to college. This year we plan on […]

College Roommate Problems: How to Avoid Moving Out Chaos

By Sam Coren Staff Remember that day you moved into your dorm at the beginning of the school year and everything looked so…clean? Well the time has come to conquer Mt. Laundry and dismantle your tower of empty energy drink cans. Yes, move out day is just around the corner and summer vacation can’t […]

Liberal Arts Matter: Choosing a Public Relations Major in College

By Prof. Kirk Hazlett For In my multiple roles as former public relations professional turned public relations professor, advisor to both undergraduate and graduate public relations-focused students, and member of the Public Relations Society of America’s board of directors, I often am asked by students (and their parents), “What should I (my child) study […]

Dorm Room Essentials: What I Can’t Live Without at College

Every student knows that a notebook and pencil are part of the college essentials when it comes time to pack up for a semester at school, but what are the other, more obscure items that every college student needs? Based upon recently written Student College Reviews, the Student Advisor Team put together a list of the […]

The 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Freshman Year of College

Though I never thought the day would come, my first semester as a college senior has officially come to an end. Over the past three and a half years at Bentley University I have made friends and I have lost friends, I partied too hard and pulled far too many all-nighters in the library, and I have […]

5 Ways to Survive Freshman Year of College

Nearly 33% of college freshmen drop out of college – or switch schools – before making it to their sophomore year. Fewer than half of all freshmen graduate from college at all. Now, admittedly, it’s been more than a few years since I was a freshman in college, but Dean Tsouvalas, StudentAdvisor’s editor-in-chief, nails it […]

How to Handle College Roommate Problems

Moving into a freshmen dorm is an exciting time for students. This is the place where you will make friends, share stories, and stay up all night studying, among other memorable experiences. However, if you don’t get along with your college roommate – how will you deal? Here are 6 Things to Consider When Dealing […]

5 Ways to Survive Your Freshman Year of College

By Scott C. Silverman, Special to You’ve made it! You’re in college. You’re just beginning the best adventure of your life, where amazing opportunities await you around every corner. If your college experience turns out to be anything like mine, and I hope it does, then you are about to make some of the […]