Freshman Year Articles

Meet Your College Career Services

Meet Your College Career Services

College career offices are becoming involved in student orientation activities so students know they are available for help from day one.

10 Essential Tips for Surviving Your First Day of College Classes

Essential tips for surviving your first day of college.

College is exciting, but it’s not like high school. You need to be ready to work on the first day.

8 Tips to Tackle College Move-In Day like a Pro

8 Tips to Tackle Move-In Day like a Pro

It may be a whirlwind of activity, but there is always a method to the madness. Get your move-in day tips from the campus pros who know.

What to Bring and NOT to Bring to College: Tips from Students

what to bting to college on move-in day

The trick to a smooth freshmen year starts with move-in day. Take the advice of these students who share some tips on what to bring and what to leave behind.

College Roommate Conflict: When the RA Can’t Help

resolving college dorm conflict

When dorm room conflicts threaten to ruin your college experience and going to the RA does not help, there are more steps you can take to resolve your roommate issues.

Thanksgiving Break- When College Kids Come Home

college student returns to empty nest

When college students return home for their first holiday visit, they may be ready to test their new-found independence while their parents are ready to fall back on familiar relationships. Learn a few simple strategies to bring both sides together while strengthening family bonds.

Dorm Life: YouTube’s Best Dorm Videos

What would you do if you could see your future dorm room before you moved in? YouTube’s college students want to help you out and give you a real idea of what your future dorm room can look like. YouTube is chock-full of dorm videos, so we picked five of the best. Our favorite dorm […]

Dorm Essentials: Top 15 Dorm Items from Pinterest

Finding dorm essentials isn’t as easy as they make it seem. Sure, there are plenty of magazines, movies and TV series that can show you exactly what the dream dorm room looks like, but what dorm room really has a full-sized kitchen and allows cool lamps and couches? Not many! Pinterest is a great tool […]

The Secret to Solving Crazy College Roommate Problems

We know you’ve got 99 problems, but we’re here to help your college roommate not be one. Learning how to live with roommates is a major part of on-campus college life. For students who aren’t used to sharing the same bedroom it can take a major period of adjustment. But even when you get used […]

The Top 10 College Acceptance Letter Reaction Videos on YouTube

By Taylor Cotter Staff Let’s be honest: we can’t all shoot our acceptance letters into space – what would our moms hang on the fridge? StudentAdvisor found 10 students who won’t be letting go of their admission letters anytime soon. These students made some funny and touching YouTube videos to share their joy of […]

Starting College Spring Semester? 5 Tips for New Students

By Sam Coren Staff Maybe you were deferred from your top choice college and had to start in the Spring. Or perhaps you wanted to take some more time off between high school and college. Or you might just be a transfer student who decided to start the new year at a new school. […]

StudentAdvisor’s College Review $50 Amazon Gift Card Week 2 Winners

By Sam Coren Staff Every week until December 31st StudentAdvisor is awarding $50 Amazon Gift Cards to two lucky people. Want in on the fun? All you have to do is review your college for a chance to win! Ready to find out which college reviews won $50 Amazon Gift Cards from StudentAdvisor for […]