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What is an E-Commerce Degree, and Why Do I Want One?

What is e-commerce? You may have heard about e-commerce before, but what is it exactly? E-commerce involves doing business online using the Internet and “purchasing and selling products, information or professional services all of which are accomplished through fax, email, and the use of various other electronic tools” [i]. E-commerce could make it easier to conduct […]

Kaplan’s “Visionary Voices” Provide Inspiration for Students

Kaplan University released a series of YouTube videos that profile successful entrepreneurs and their thoughts on online and continuing education. You can see the series of videos here, or take a look at our favorites. Read more…

Student Entrepreneurs: Getting On-Campus Help for College Startups

By Danielle Sandahl StudentAdvisor.com Staff “Entrepreneurs are not normal. Normal follows, entrepreneurs lead.” As a Babson student, I’ve constantly been told that an entrepreneur is not just someone who starts a business, but rather that entrepreneurship is a way of thinking. While this definition is a great motivator for students, those who are brave enough […]