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Gifts for College Students from Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Headlines are screaming “Black Friday Blowouts” to “Cyber Monday Savings” as millions of shoppers scour malls and online stores on their quest to find the perfect college dorm essential gift.   And if you’ve got a college student on your holiday gift list Student Advisor has the ultimate list of products sure to satisfy. Our team […]

10 Best Dorm Room Products

The school year is in full swing – is your dorm room outfitted with these cool products? Check out some of this year’s best dorm room products, as determined by the team: 1. Scentsy Warmer “This is a great product for female AND male students to make any dorm room, messy or clean, smell […]

How to Handle College Roommate Problems

Moving into a freshmen dorm is an exciting time for students. This is the place where you will make friends, share stories, and stay up all night studying, among other memorable experiences. However, if you don’t get along with your college roommate – how will you deal? Here are 6 Things to Consider When Dealing […]

5 Packing Tips for College

By Veronica Mayo, Special to I know that the thought of sending a child to college for the first time can be terrifying and overwhelming. Then there is all the planning and work that goes into making the actual move. Based on my past experience and learning from my mistakes, here are 5 packing […]

5 Question to Ask Your New College Roommate

If you haven’t already started your first year in college, you’re likely anticipating the moment of meeting your new college roommate. What would they really be like? Will you have anything in common? It might sound harsh, but I’d wager that few people become instant best friends with their first-year college roommates. Schools do their […]