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Grooveshark vs Spotify vs vs Pandora? College Info Geek’s Streaming Music Showdown

By Brandon Wlosinski For Throughout the history of college life, one thing seems to be the driving force behind study sessions, long nights, and social gatherings. That is music. However, unlike our predecessors in the collegiate arena, we are now able to hit the books with tools far greater than they could have ever imagined. […]

On Campus vs Off Campus: The Pros and Cons of Living Off Campus

By James Jackson For When I was a freshman three hours away from home, living on campus was like a fairy tale. With no one peering over your shoulder, you’re free to come and go as you please. As a freshman and a sophomore that was perfect, meeting new people, party- hopping, but after […]

What to Bring to College: StudentAdvisor Ultimate Dorm Living Guide

By Sam Coren Staff August is here and you know what that means? Time to start thinking about what to bring to college! That’s right – the clock is ticking for this Fall’s new freshmen class. Parents who haven’t sent off a child for college yet are scrambling to figure out what to get. […]

8 Pairs of Shoes Every Girl Should Bring to College

Footwear always seems to be a major afterthought when it comes to things to bring to college. Find out what shoes no self-respecting college girl should do without.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Healthy and Organized in College

By Dean Tsouvalas Staff Domenique Ciavattone is a junior at Stonehill College in Easton, Mass., and a dual communication/global issues major. She says keeping a neat and healthy room is important for college students, and is a good investment of time that pays off in better grades, comfortable campus living and peace of mind. […]

Freshmen Orientation Dos and Don’ts

By Sam Coren Staff Throughout the summer colleges across the US will be holding freshmen orientations. For current college students and alumni, orientation is just a fleeting memory, but for new students it’s a source of anxiety and excitement.  After all, orientation gives you that first real glimpse of what college life is going […]

How to Start a Food Allergy Initiative at College

By Susannah Faulkner For Coming to college as a freshman is tough enough without a food allergy. At first, it can be both difficult and embarrassing to have to turn down that peanut butter sandwich, late night pizza, or can of cheap beer, as well as having to explain your dietary situation. But, having […]

Tell Us Your Must-Have Dorm Items for StudentAdvisor’s New Dorm Guide

By Sam Coren Staff Is it a luxury bean bag? A shower carry-all? A rice cooker? A Scentsy candle? Last year when we unveiled our College Dorm Essentials Guide students and parents flocked to StudentAdvisor to see what they should arm themselves with before making that big move to college. This year we plan on […]

College Roommate Problems: How to Avoid Moving Out Chaos

By Sam Coren Staff Remember that day you moved into your dorm at the beginning of the school year and everything looked so…clean? Well the time has come to conquer Mt. Laundry and dismantle your tower of empty energy drink cans. Yes, move out day is just around the corner and summer vacation can’t […]

StudentAdvisor Asks: How Often Do College Students Do Laundry?

By Sam Coren For Those Jersey Shore guys might be onto something with getting into the whole GTL routine. One of the toughest parts of acclimating to college dorm life is mustering up the will power to find those precious quarters for wash. Gone are the days of your mom making sure you had […]

College Gift Guide: Change The World As You Shop

If you are anything like me, you still have a lot of shopping left to do for the upcoming holiday season. But before you head out to buy those last-minute gifts, you should stop and consider how you can do some good for the world while you shop… Each year, we spend billions of dollars […]

Dorm Room Essentials: What I Can’t Live Without at College

Every student knows that a notebook and pencil are part of the college essentials when it comes time to pack up for a semester at school, but what are the other, more obscure items that every college student needs? Based upon recently written Student College Reviews, the Student Advisor Team put together a list of the […]