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Why Bad Dorm Rooms & Student Housing Shouldn’t Affect Your College Decision

By Sam Coren Staff We get tons of college questions about dorms and student housing on StudentAdvisor. Student housing seems to be on a lot of prospective students minds – mainly the ones that are just out of high school. For many new college students, college is their first taste of life away from […]

StudentAdvisor’s Top Cyber Monday Deals

By Megan Kenslea Staff It’s Cyber Monday today, which means that most likely your inbox has been inundated with emails about online deals galore. Here at StudentAdvisor, we love a good discount as much as the next person. Whether you’re splurging on something you normally wouldn’t buy, or just stocking up on basics, Cyber […]

StudentAdvisor Picks Best Gifts for College Students on Black Friday

To celebrate Black Friday the StudentAdvisor team put together a few videos of the best gifts for college students on your guest list.  These gifts were tested by a group of college students from around the country.  So on Black Friday check out any of these gifts for college students that are sure to make […]

Freshman Year: Want a College Social Life? Stop Being So Judgmental!

By Allison Sylte For The day I moved into my residence hall, literally the first thing my roommate said to me was, “Dude… I haven’t smoked in like three days and it’s a serious buzz kill. Do you know where I can score some weed down here?” I had absolutely no clue. I told […]

2011’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes for College Students

By Megan Kenslea Staff Every year, I try to come up with creative costume ideas, but every October 31, without fail, I can be found dusting off my cat ears, throwing on a black dress, and drawing on some whiskers. Most costumes aren’t quite as boring as mine, but I do typically see the […]

Fun Things to Do in College That Don’t Involve Drinking

By Ken Procaccianti For So, I heard you don’t eat broccoli. Why not?  Are you a recovering broccoli addict?  Do you not eat broccoli for religious reasons?  Did you have a bad experience with broccoli? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Why would anyone care so much that you don’t eat this member of the cabbage […]

Best Dorm Items 2011: Student Picks from The Ultimate Dorm Living Guide

By Sam Coren Staff So by now you’ve moved in, hung up some posters, and started making friends in your new college residence hall. But something is still missing – the “wow” factor. Looking for the last items to make your dorm room the envy of all? During the making of StudentAdvisor’s Ultimate Dorm […]

Welcome Freshmen! 7 Ways to Avoid Being “That College Freshman”

By Sam Coren Staff One of my favorite things to do when I was a student at Northeastern University was read the infamous Huntington News campus crime log after the first week of the new semester. Why? Because every other report was about some freshman going crazy with their new-found freedom and breaking the rules […]

Last First Day of College: A Senior Year Bucket List

By Megan Kenslea Staff This is it. Today is my last first day of school, and I couldn’t be more petrified. I’ve been enrolled in some form of school since I was in diapers, but for me there’s always been something magical about the first day of school, with new books, new clothes, and […]

Dorm Room Ideas: When to Save & When to Splurge [VIDEO]

By Sam Coren Staff So you’ve unpacked your parents’ minivan and claimed the upper bunk, but something seems a bit “off” about this new dorm room now that you’ve just moved into. You and your roommates are struggling to figure out how you can make four cinderblock walls feel more cozy and less like […]

College Roommates: 4 Things to Avoid When Getting to Know Each Other

By Sam Coren Staff By now many freshmen around the US are starting to get acquainted with their first live-in roommates. Living in close quarters with your peers takes quite a bit of adjustment. For some students, it may be their first time even sharing a room with someone else. In the past we’ve […]

The Best College Movies to Watch on Netflix Instant Streaming

Getting ready to head off to college? Get in the spirit and check out some of the best college movies on Netflix instant streaming.