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5 Ways to Organize Your Study Space Better

How to organize your college study room better.

There are many ways to organize your study space, but they don’t all work equally well. Learn how to decorate your study area with creative and motivational touches that won’t let you fall asleep at your desk!

College Roommate Conflict: When the RA Can’t Help

resolving college dorm conflict

When dorm room conflicts threaten to ruin your college experience and going to the RA does not help, there are more steps you can take to resolve your roommate issues.

Resolving College Roommate Conflict: Open Communication

resolving roommate conflict

One is clean and one is messy. One is quiet and one is social. Roommate differences can make a new living situation difficult, but learning how to respectfully resolve those differences is a life lesson that will help students grow.

Dining Hall Dilemmas: Controlling Diabetes in College

managing diabetes in college

In part 4 of our “Dining Hall Dilemmas” blog series, a UNH student shares her story about finding the right food options for students with diabetes on campus.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 5 Tips for Students on a Budget

Black Friday 600x400

Black Friday can be a bonanza for college students on a budget if you follow these simple rules.

Dining Hall Dilemmas: The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

vegetarian diet in college

A former college student shares her story of becoming a vegetarian when she went to college and how she found the right food choices on campus.

Dining Hall Dilemmas: Surviving Gluten Sensitivity in College

students eating salad 600x400

In part 2 of “Dining Hall Dilemmas,” Emma Krause, a former student at Emerson College, shares her story of finding gluten-free food options on campus. It wasn’t the dining hall full of pizza, nor was it the pasta bar at the school café down the street. As a college student with a gluten sensitivity, my […]

Cutting College Costs: One Dollar at a Time

Breaking news! College is expensive. Even with student loans and scholarships, you’ll certainly be spending more than you expected on textbooks, food, and dorm items. Editor-in-Chief, Dean Tsouvalas, spoke with New England Cable News about ways to cut college costs over your four years of school. Read more…

Dorm Life: YouTube’s Best Dorm Videos

What would you do if you could see your future dorm room before you moved in? YouTube’s college students want to help you out and give you a real idea of what your future dorm room can look like. YouTube is chock-full of dorm videos, so we picked five of the best. Our favorite dorm […]

Dorm Essentials: Top 15 Dorm Items from Pinterest

Finding dorm essentials isn’t as easy as they make it seem. Sure, there are plenty of magazines, movies and TV series that can show you exactly what the dream dorm room looks like, but what dorm room really has a full-sized kitchen and allows cool lamps and couches? Not many! Pinterest is a great tool […]

The Secret to Solving Crazy College Roommate Problems

We know you’ve got 99 problems, but we’re here to help your college roommate not be one. Learning how to live with roommates is a major part of on-campus college life. For students who aren’t used to sharing the same bedroom it can take a major period of adjustment. But even when you get used […]

Starting College Spring Semester? 5 Tips for New Students

By Sam Coren Staff Maybe you were deferred from your top choice college and had to start in the Spring. Or perhaps you wanted to take some more time off between high school and college. Or you might just be a transfer student who decided to start the new year at a new school. […]