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Want to Join the Lambing Club?

college lambing club

Students at Becker College recently started the Becker College Lambing Club: they get to learn quintessential large-animal veterinary skills and help a struggling farm. Read about their unique club here.

How to Discover Your Career Passions in College

career passion in college

Making a career out of doing what you love is the ultimate goal for a successful work life, but how can you make this happen? You can start by following some practical advice for making the most out of your time in college to find the career path you’ll follow when you leave.

Best Community Service Colleges

During high school, did you develop a passion for community service? Even if you’re not planning on pursuing a major in social work or human services, almost all colleges have an office of community service where students can take on independent service projects. Often, these college community service projects can count for course credit, and […]

Texas Christian University Juniors Help High School Juniors

Texas Christian University juniors are doing more than just thinking about their impending graduations. These students are reaching out to soon-to-be high school grads, and helping them with their paths toward college. Marisol Sigala, a first-generation American and college student, founded the Junior-to-Junior program to expose high schoolers to TCU, and let current college students […]

Wheaton College Grad Takes on the World

Wheaton College graduate Iraimi Mercado isn’t taking her education for granted. When she finishes up at Wheaton this month, she’ll begin an international service and research project on YMCA youth programs all over the world. Iraimi was a student leader and community service advocate while at Wheaton, and we’re excited to see her take on the world! […]

Dogs and Dorms: 4 Paws Program Lets College Students Foster Service Dogs

For some college students, saying goodbye to their four-legged friends when they go off to college is tough. But what if you could fill that void for quality puppy time and help a child with a disability? The 4 Paws for Ability University Program connects service dogs in training with student volunteers for a semester long […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: What Colleges Are Doing This Year

By Taylor Cotter Staff Though many college students might choose to spend next Monday sleeping in and enjoying their last days of winter break, thousands around the country plan on honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. by spending their day volunteering in their community. MLK Day, which was named a National Day of Service in […]

City Year: Making a Difference With Youth Mentorship & Empowerment

By Jamaal Williams For As a high school senior, my mother encouraged me to follow a path that would set me up to be successful. She instilled in me a desire to serve others and I knew that my definition of success would be tied to helping others realize their success. College was my training […]

Scholarships for College Students: NACS National Student Day Contest

By Sam Coren Staff Love making the world a better place in your spare time? Looking for scholarship opportunities that promote student volunteerism? National Student Day, sponsored by the National Association of College Stores (NACS), will take place October 6th, 2011 to celebrate social responsibility by college students. To reward students who demonstrate volunteerism NACS is running an […]

Trouble Getting a Job After Graduation? 4 Suggestions for New Grads

By Laura Snyder For If you didn’t land your dream job after graduation, new grads still have options. The assistant director of career development at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa. Dwayne Keiffer suggests these ways to gain experience in your field of interest while holding down a part-time job to pay the bills: Volunteer “Explore opportunities to […]

Green Campus: Big Sustainability Efforts From Small Colleges

By Julie Mastrine For When it comes to sustainability, universities sometimes find themselves in hot water—schools that teach about global warming and pollution can seem hypocritical if their practices are not eco-friendly. That’s why many universities have taken steps to reduce their impact on the environment, whether through landscaping, green efforts in the dining commons, […]