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5 Easy Steps to Break Your Smartphone Addiction

Tips for using your smartphone less often.

Spending time in a smartphone can become addictive. Here are some practical steps you can take to come back to reality.

Virtual Internships Give Students Extra Options

Microinternships allow students to get work experience from their laptops.

Virtual internships, or micro-internships as they are sometimes called, allow students to garner more work experience for their resumes by completing projects for companies the world over on their laptops.

Do You Feel Left Out of College Life?

Do you feel left out of college life?

“Before I went to college, I thought I was ready for the change…” Read more of Jessie’s story if you’re struggling to fit in during your freshman year.

Get Accepted To College Despite A Low GPA

Get accepted to college despite a low GPA.

Follow in this student’s footsteps to get admitted to college even when you didn’t shine in high school.

11 Dos and Don’ts for Successful Study Abroad

Dos and Don'ts for Study Abraod.

Make your study abroad experience memorable in a good way. Follow these dos and don’ts from a student who knows.

Finance 101: The Best Credit Cards for College Students

The best credit cards for college students.

In addition to academics, college is about growing up and becoming responsible. Becoming financially responsible by managing your expenses with a credit card is a choice you might consider.

6 College Degrees Hiring Managers Are Looking For

College degrees favored by hiring managers.

If you’d like to see a good return from the money you spend on your education, choose a degree in one of these areas of study.

Can’t Decide What to Study? 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Major

How to choose a college major.

If your confused about which college major to choose, these are the points you need to consider.

7 Tips for Working Students To Complete Their Degrees

Tips for working students to complete their degrees

How to get your work-life-study balance in order when you pursue higher education.

Should I Take the ACT or the New SAT?

Should I take the ACT or the new SAT?

Deciding which tests to take shouldn’t be the most difficult part of the college admissions process. Make your choice with all the facts at hand.

Goodbye, Essays! 3 Alternatives for College Admissions

3 alternative college applications.

Students who don’t excel at writing essays have new options for tackling the college admissions process.

5 Reasons to Pursue a Master’s Degree in Art Education

Pusuing a master's degree in art education.

Get ready to open the minds of a new generation to better communication and critical thinking skills through art education.