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Is an MBA Worth It? Research Says Yes

ROI of an MBA

Are you on the fence and wondering is an MBA worth it? This infographic on the ROI of an MBA answers the question with a resounding yes!

Top 10 College Mistakes Students Make Every Day


College is a great experience! Don’t waste your time by making any of these 10 college mistakes.

Times Are a Changin’ for College Career Services

college career services

College Career Services offices are not the same old résumé helper. They are preparing students with lifelong professional skills for today’s job market.

Firefighter Fights Back with Psychology Degree

Camille Theriaque

When Camille Theriaque faced early retirement from her firefighting career, she knew she could still make a difference, and a psychology degree was the answer. Learn more about her journey and why this former firefighter plans to help the victims of post-traumatic stress disorder.

8 Steps to Prepare to Study Abroad


Did you get into a study abroad program? Now is the time to start preparing! Use this checklist to be sure you’re ready for anything.

10 Business Movies for Business Students


Getting a business degree can have its moments of entertainment. Check out these 10 business films that parallel the lessons you learn in school.

Students with Learning Disabilities Thrive at Inclusive College

learning disabilities

Beacon College’s unique educational mission to empower students with learning disabilities has led to a graduate rate 12 times higher than the national average. With curriculum tailored to different learning styles, students have achieved success where they once struggled.

Student with Learning Disabilities Rises to the Top of Her Class

learning disabilities

This student’s determination to overcome learning disabilities led her to the top spot of valedictorian at Beacon College. Through her support and guidance, she’s made a lasting impact on fellow students.

Art Degree Provides Outlet for Student with Learning Disabilities

becca Beacon College

Combining both digital media and studio art has allowed this student with learning disabilities to express herself creatively, hone career-ready skills in graphic design, and triumph over the anxiety of sharing her personal journey through her art.

Top 10 Summer Tasks for College Admissions


Use your extra time this summer to get ahead on your college admissions process. Start these 10 tasks now!

Commencement Speakers 2014: Who Is Speaking at Your Graduation?

commencement speakers

Check out our complete list of college and university commencement speakers for 2014. Who is speaking at your graduation?

Top 2014 Commencement Speakers

commencement speakers

Every year, the country’s most influential people impart their wisdom to college graduates. Find out who are the most-anticipated commencement speakers this year.