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This Week in College News: Nicer Med School Students and Binge-Drinking Coeds

By Sam Coren Staff Change and college go hand in hand. This Week in College news we’ll cover a stories shaking things up in student life. But is change always good? Also, you’ll find yet another reason why you should be very careful with what you post on Facebook. We’ll let you be the […]

This Week in College News: Tornado Relief, ROTC and Rebecca Black

By Sam Coren Staff Memorial Day weekend sunburns and hangovers aren’t enough to keep college stories out of the news for long. This week you’ll learn about how one FIU student dodged a deadly pellet, how one non-profit organization is helping tornado victims, and why more students are choosing ROTC. And because it’s Friday […]

This Week in College News: Yale Frat Suspended Over Rape Chants, Teenage Prodigies, and Hummus

By Sam Coren Staff Even though the spring semester has come to an end for most students, college happenings are still making headlines. This week brings us a rash of controversy with stories about Yale’s Greek Life and students against unethical hummus. On the sunny side of things, two teenage prodigies on both coasts […]

This Week in College News: 74 Year Old Graduates Spring Hill College

On today’s weekly wrap up of the latest news rocking the college world we’ll cover Osama Bin Laden, graduating when you’re over 70, and why some Louisiana students are failing to make the grade. Have no idea what’s going on? No worries. This Week in College News is here to help: 74 Year Old Woman […]

Boston University Teams With Local Bar Owners to Combat Sexual Violence

Caleb Daniloff For For urban colleges and universities especially, local clubs, bars, and taverns, are woven into a school’s social fabric. They offer a break from the books, a chance to mingle, enjoy live music or sports, and, for those of age, to knock back a few. But there is a dark side. They […]

This Week in College News: Lunch with Warren Buffet

By Sam Coren Staff Friday already? Time for another round up of the biggest stories in college news. In this edition of This Week in College News we’ll tackle the BCS, networking with billionaires, and the next wave in discrimination against tobacco smokers. Have no clue what’s going on? Go forth! Warren Buffett Wants […]

This Week in College News: Embezzlement at Vassar and Puppies at Yale Law

By Sam Coren Staff It’s time for another round up of the week’s most notable college stories making headlines. Today’s edition of This Week in College News brings us big theft, campus petting zoos, conjoining Terrapins, and a slew of Canadian universities recruiting American students. Have no idea what we’re talking about? Then read […]

This Week in College News: UChicago Students Hookup and Facebook App Predicts Acceptance

By Sam Coren Staff Technology continues to change the everyday lives of students. For those of you who are out of school already you don’t have to worry about things like campus hookup sites or relying on a Facebook app to tell you what school you’ll get into. But is too much information a […]

This Week in College News: Fake Acceptance Emails and Alligator Theft

By Sam Coren Staff Welcome to the second installment of This Week in College News. Every week we’ll round up the big stories making waves at colleges and universities across the country. Between spring break and acceptance letter season the college world has been getting a bit crazy. Want to see what we mean? […]

This Week in College News: Sex, Voting Laws, and Guns on Campus

By Sam Coren Staff Welcome to the first installment of “This Week in College News”  on StudentAdvisor. Every week we’ll highlight the biggest stories happening at colleges and universities across the US. Find out which current events are influencing the changing landscape of American college life below: 1. Dickinson College students win protest for […]

Student Advisor’s Top 10 College Sports Blogs

By Gabriel Perna, Special to The student body’s passion and dedication for sports is one of the great things about going to college and often keeps us connected as alumni. From sitting outside in the freezing rain hours before a game to painting one’s body UNC blue to coming up with unique cheers, songs […]