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Art Degree Provides Outlet for Student with Learning Disabilities

becca Beacon College

Combining both digital media and studio art has allowed this student with learning disabilities to express herself creatively, hone career-ready skills in graphic design, and triumph over the anxiety of sharing her personal journey through her art.

Dining Hall Dilemmas: Controlling Diabetes in College

managing diabetes in college

In part 4 of our “Dining Hall Dilemmas” blog series, a UNH student shares her story about finding the right food options for students with diabetes on campus.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 5 Tips for Students on a Budget

Black Friday 600x400

Black Friday can be a bonanza for college students on a budget if you follow these simple rules.

Dining Hall Dilemmas: The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

vegetarian diet in college

A former college student shares her story of becoming a vegetarian when she went to college and how she found the right food choices on campus.

Dining Hall Dilemmas: Surviving Gluten Sensitivity in College

students eating salad 600x400

In part 2 of “Dining Hall Dilemmas,” Emma Krause, a former student at Emerson College, shares her story of finding gluten-free food options on campus. It wasn’t the dining hall full of pizza, nor was it the pasta bar at the school café down the street. As a college student with a gluten sensitivity, my […]

What does the fox say? 10 College Parodies

“What Does the FOX Say” has gone super-viral and now is considered among the viral pop culture elite of Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake, and Call me Maybe. For the uninitiated, this catchy dance song was created by comedians and brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker as a way to promote the third season of their […]

From Tab Dividers to Tablets: Back-To-School Changes

by Britt Klontz for   It seems to come around more quickly every year, but once again, it’s time to go back to school. The banners are up in the department stores, and rows and rows of dazzling pencil cases, fabulous felt tips and novelty erasers sit eagerly awaiting their time to shine. And […]

The Benefits of Becoming a TA

by Priya Sudendra, for Being a teaching assistant is a great experience for a graduate student or upperclassmen. Teaching sheds a whole new light on not only being a teacher, but also being a student. It also helps you get closer to the professors and make new connections to advance your career. Being a TA […]

College Students: How to Freelance—Safely

by Mitchell D. Weiss for It’s been a rocky economic recovery and college students are among those who’ve been hit the hardest. According to a June 2013 Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s press briefing, of the 94 percent of all recent grads who are fortunate enough to have jobs, nearly half are overqualified […]

Being Green In College

by Priya Sudendra Going green in college can seem difficult; you might think it’s time consuming and expensive, but becoming environmentally friendly while in school can be pretty easy and cheap! The simplest thing you can do is to turn off everything in your room or apartment. Turn off the lights when you go to […]

An Introvert’s Guide to Your First Year at University

by Daniel Kendal for University will be the best years of your life, they say. Get involved with everything, they say. All wonderful advice if you’re the naturally outgoing type. But what happens if you can’t bring yourself to say hello to everyone you meet in the corridor or pub? If you don’t feel […]

Top 10 Tips to Reduce College Move-In Day Stress

by Heidi LeCount Move-in day for incoming freshmen is an exciting day. But with so many unknowns, it can also be quite stressful for first-year college students and their families. The best way to ensure your first memories at college are ones to cherish instead of ones you’d like to forget, is to follow these […]