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Make Your Next Career A Healthcare Career!

healthcare careers in midlife

Whether you are advancing in the healthcare field or transitioning in from another job, the expanding healthcare industry offers many options to those looking for fulfilling careers.

Trending Degrees for Future Careers

trending degrees for future careers

Will you have the right degree to meet the demands of growing sectors of the job market? If you’re still wondering what to major in, consider these trending degrees to brighten your future employment prospects.

5 Unexpected Courses Lead to the Best Criminal Justice Jobs

criminology careers

Criminaljustice is a field with many career opportunities for people with the right skill sets. Enhance your criminal justice degree with courses in these related areas to qualify for the most sought-after employment opportunities.

6 College Degrees Worth Every Last Penny

6 degrees worth every last penny

With student debt continuing to rise, students need to focus on earning college degrees that employers will value.

Enhance Your Career with a Human Resources Certificate


A human resources certificate can help you enter or advance in the field. Find out what HR does, and what the certificate entails.

Boomer Graduates DEV Bootcamp with New Coding Skills

Boomer graduates DEV Bootcamp

From the young to the young-at-heart, DEV Bootcamp teaches computer coding skills to students of all generations who want to be sought-after employees in the digital age.

The 5 Best Majors for Undeclared Students

college majors for undeclared students

Underclared students can be hampered by the fear of making the wrong career choice. This list of majors will open students up to a variety of career choices after graduation.

10 Best Employers for Workers over 50

best employers

If your New Year’s resolution is to find another job, check out these employers who value the experience 50-plus workers bring to their companies by offering them great benefits and positive work environments.

Money in Medicine: 4 Medical Degrees with Killer Salaries

best money in medicine

The outlook for jobs in the health care industry is on the rise as baby boomers reach retirement age. Knowing which careers pay the best salaries and which jobs are most in demand will help you prepare for your future in health care.

New Opportunities in Health Care for the Information Age

healthcare informatics

From midwives to informatics, access to information is the driving force behind new careers in health care fields for those with the right technology training.

What Are Real Estate Classes Like?


If you’re interested in getting a real estate license, it might be best to know what real estate classes really entail. Find out here.

6 Best-Paying Jobs for Engineers

top jobs for engineers

The top-paying positions in the field of engineering require the three E’s – education, experience, and expertise – but every journey starts with a first step. Set your sights on one of these high-paying engineering positions and you will have the incentive you need to excel in your college studies!