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Still Undecided? 5 Undergraduate Degrees That Get Students Hired

college majors that get students hired

  Choosing a major is one of the most difficult aspects of attending college. Regardless of which subjects you enjoy the most, some degrees just don’t cut it in the modern employment market. Graduating students often discover that it is much harder to get a job with certain degrees than it is with other degrees. […]

Experience Isn’t Everything: Why Higher Education Lands the Best Jobs

the advantages of higher education

Although work experience is valuable, an advanced degree is sometimes necessary to advance in your chosen career.

6 Ways A Master’s Degree Can Improve Your Work Life

improve your professional life with a master's degree

In addition to financial rewards, earning your master’s degree has many benefits for your professional life.

5 Unique Online Master’s Degrees to Consider Pursuing


Earning a master’s degree will advance your skills and qualify you for top positions in many fields. Earning your master’s degree online gives you the flexibility you want to keep working while you study.

4 Top Reasons to Choose a Paralegal Degree

4 reasons to choose a paralegal career

The need for paralegals is growing, and the options paralegals have to work in a variety of fields make it a good choice for a career that will grow with you.

3 Good Reasons for Interning AFTER Graduation

interning after graduation

Finding a job after college graduation is the goal of every student, especially if you’ve been an intern already. Butt if you can’t find a job right away, are there benefits to post-graduation internships?

A Specialized MBA Helps You Compete in Today’s Market

earn a specialized MBA

Specialization in an MBA degree program can make you valuable to employers looking for talent in niche markets.

7 Teaching Tips to Influence the Bright Minds of Tomorrow

teaching tips for the classroom

A good teacher can influence many students to make the world a better place. Learn the techniques top teachers use to bring inspiration into their classrooms.

Be Your Own Boss: LearningAdvisor’s New Resource

be your own boss

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? We’ve gathered the resources you need in business visioning, planning, and marketing to help you explore your options!

Top 5 Must-Do Job Search Tips

5 top job search tips

The ease of searching for a job on the internet mean’s there’s more competition for each open position. Find out how you can improve your chances of being hired.

Planning Your Career Journey: The Time Is Now!

career journey

Career Journey leverages the power of LinkedIn’s professional networking tools combined with Kaplan’s extensive online education experience to provide you with a powerful resource for mapping out your professional future.

Medical Careers 101: “The Other Jobs”

medical careers

The medical field offers many fulfilling careers. If you’d like to enter the healthcare sector without becoming a nurse or doctor, here are some of the other in-demand jobs in medicine.