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Live Event: Managing Talent in a Networked Age with Ben Casnocha

JOIN US webinar sept 2014

Join us for a free webinar Q&A featuring Ben Casnocha, award winning entrepreneur and author of The Alliance.

Career Journey: Kaplan and LinkedIn Join to Provide Career Guide Program

career journey

Career Journey, a free interactive course created by Kaplan and LinkedIn, helps professionals of all ages design and manage a meaningful and successful career path.

A Hot New Career Path: Industrial-Organizational Psychology

industrial-organizational psychology

From business to government to the healthcare industry, professionals with a background in industrial-organization psychology make valuable assets to any organization.

5 Benefits of Earning an Accounting Certificate in Midlife

accounting certificate

Earning a graduate certificate in accounting can help you to change careers or start a new one of your own. Consider the many possibilities this educational credential can provide!

5 Nursing Jobs that Will Increase Your Salary

in-demand nursing jobs

Highly sought-after nursing positions often require the most education and experience, but that extra education and hard work can be reflected in better salaries and more job satisfaction.

3 Ways to Give Your Career a Mini Makeover

career makeover

Does your career need a makeover? Steer yourself to a new role while staying in the same industry with these education credentials.

The Power of Continuing Education

continuing education

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner shares how pursing your career ambitions is inextricably linked with continuing education. Stay ahead of the evolving economy with lifelong learning.

Looking for Retirement Jobs?

retirement jobs

What are the best types of retirement jobs? In this exclusive interview, the CEO of Retirement Jobs shares expert career advice for midlife job seekers.

6 Things to Know before You Teach Online

online teaching certificate

Although online teachers need the same credentials as classroom teachers, you’ll need some new skills to help you teach effectively and make teaching online part of a rewarding career.

Preparing for the Future of Health Care

future of health care

Jobs in the health industry are growing faster than in any other. Prepare for the future of health care with an education to help you stay ahead in this dynamic field.

Look to Insurance for a Rewarding Career

insurance career

Insurance is a rewarding career choice that often flies under the radar. Find out the top 8 reasons why professionals are drawn to a stable and fulfilling career in insurance.

Times Are a Changin’ for College Career Services

college career services

College Career Services offices are not the same old résumé helper. They are preparing students with lifelong professional skills for today’s job market.