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Midlife Career Change: 5 Tips to Finding Your Purpose

midlife career change

Many people find reasons to make career changes in midlife. Make sure your next career will be the right one with these practical tips for focusing your strengths and interests into a recareering success story.

5 Reasons an Entrepreneurship Course Is Right for You

5 Reasons an Entrepreneurship Course is Right for You

Aspiring entrepreneurs have good ideas everyday. Which one could be the seed to a thriving new business? Take a class in entrepreneurship to find the potential in your big idea.

Online Psychology Degree Leads to New Career

online psychology degree

Arthur Chappell is a recovered addict who returned to college at 50 for a degree in pyschology. Read his inspirational story on how he became a social worker to help others recover like he did.

A Human Services Degree: The Social Network of Good


Melissa Bowermaster was a volunteer at her local child advocacy center but after wanting to do more, she got her bachelor’s in human services from Kaplan University. Now she’s the executive director of Jessie’s Place, a child advocacy center in Citrus county, Florida and helps her community in meaningful ways every day.

From Floor Nurse to Manager: Debra’s Story

Adult learner

By continuing her education, Debra Eppley, RN, was able to advance from floor nurse to manager of the whole nursing department, increasing her earning potential and on-the-job satisfaction.

3 Ways an Online Class Can Enhance Your Skills

Dr. Charles Severance

Professor and MOOC creator, Dr. Charles Severence shares his tips for working out which MOOCs are best for you when faced with the diverse options that are available.

What Is a MOOC?

What is a MOOC?

Today, the term MOOC is a popular word in learning, but do you know what a MOOC entails? Get all the facts in this comprehensive look at what a MOOC is and why it matters.

How to Discover Your Career Passions in College

career passion in college

Making a career out of doing what you love is the ultimate goal for a successful work life, but how can you make this happen? You can start by following some practical advice for making the most out of your time in college to find the career path you’ll follow when you leave.

5 Tips for Midlife Career Change Success

5 Tips for Midlife Career Change Success

Switching careers is a big step but you can make a late-life career change happen. Use our career change advice to get the job you dream about.

Military RNs: Is Telemetry Nursing a Career for You?

military rns in telemetry nursing

The experience you’ve received in the military can be transferred into advanced nursing degrees in the civilian workforce earning you higher salaries in a growing field.

Looking for a Career Change? 5 Tips for Your Résumé and Job Search

resumes and recareering

Optimizing your résumé is important in any job search strategy, but there’s even more to do when you’re changing careers. StudentAdvisor reached out to HR analyst Erin Osterhaus for advice, and she shares her expertise on what re-careering adults need to do to jump into a new field.

The Value of Personal Branding

The Value of Personal Branding

You know you need to build a personal brand, but how? Gallop Management Journal’s Q&A with global brand strategist Blaise James will get you started.