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A Safety App Must-Have for College!

college safety app

A little college ingenuity goes a long way to keep students safe on campus. Check out the latest safety products created by college students for college students!

Dining Hall Dilemmas: Controlling Diabetes in College

managing diabetes in college

In part 4 of our “Dining Hall Dilemmas” blog series, a UNH student shares her story about finding the right food options for students with diabetes on campus.

Dining Hall Dilemmas: The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

vegetarian diet in college

A former college student shares her story of becoming a vegetarian when she went to college and how she found the right food choices on campus.

Dining Hall Dilemmas: Surviving Gluten Sensitivity in College

students eating salad 600x400

In part 2 of “Dining Hall Dilemmas,” Emma Krause, a former student at Emerson College, shares her story of finding gluten-free food options on campus. It wasn’t the dining hall full of pizza, nor was it the pasta bar at the school café down the street. As a college student with a gluten sensitivity, my […]

Campus Safety: How to Respond to a School Shooting

As the country mourns the tragedy at Chardon High School in Ohio, we can’t help but reflect on ways students can safely respond to a potential shooting at their institutions. What should students do in the unforunate event of a campus shooting? The team reached out to Otterbein University‘s Director of Campus Police Larry Banaszak […]

Thanksgiving Break: Driving Home from College? Safety First!

By Ross A. Kennedy For In college, the Thanksgiving holiday means stressful exams, eating too much, and hearing your Aunt Jean (after imbibing a bit too much) tell your new girlfriend how chubby you were as a baby. But your greatest risk over the break isn’t choking on a turkey bone, or the verbal […]

College Drinking: How to Handle an Alcohol Violation (The Right Way)

By Chris Wilcox Staff It’s Friday night and you have some friends over to your dorm room to pregame the big party of the week. As you and your friends are drinking, you turn up the music and the conversations get a little louder. There’s a knock at the door – it’s the RA. […]

Fun Things to Do in College That Don’t Involve Drinking

By Ken Procaccianti For So, I heard you don’t eat broccoli. Why not?  Are you a recovering broccoli addict?  Do you not eat broccoli for religious reasons?  Did you have a bad experience with broccoli? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Why would anyone care so much that you don’t eat this member of the cabbage […]

10 Back to College Campus Safety Tips from RAINN

By Sam Coren Staff Whether you’re a freshman or a senior in college – it’s easy to take your own safety for granted. While schools across the nation employ several tactics from private police squads to emergency call boxes – even campus escort services – in order to keep their students safe, you can’t […]

Boston University Teams With Local Bar Owners to Combat Sexual Violence

Caleb Daniloff For For urban colleges and universities especially, local clubs, bars, and taverns, are woven into a school’s social fabric. They offer a break from the books, a chance to mingle, enjoy live music or sports, and, for those of age, to knock back a few. But there is a dark side. They […]

Is College Adderall Abuse Unhealthy, Unfair or Ineffective?

By Madeline O’Leary For Whether it’s downed with a cup of coffee or crushed up and snorted before a party, illegal use of the cognition-enhancing ADHD prescription Adderall has pervaded college campuses across the United States. Previously assuming caffeine was the regular college kid’s study drug of choice, I set out to examine the […]

8 Ways to Protect Yourself Online

By Roger Thompson, Chief Research Officer for AVG Technologies, Special to As students start their new school year at college, parents will advise their children to stay safe, travel in groups, and lock their doors; however, few will emphasize the safe use of cell phones and computers, which are this generation’s portal to the […]