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What Can You Do With a Business Degree? Make the World a Better Place

By Don Fornes For For as far back as I can remember, I knew I wanted to be a businessman. Never mind that I really had no idea what kind of business career I would pursue, or what business people actually do each day. I simply understood that business people wore important clothes, were […]

Picking a Major: Is Majoring in Business Bad for You?

By James Fisher For Never really at a loss for critics, the world of higher education seems especially embattled these days. The shelves fairly groan with titles suggesting serious problems with the system. We see, for example, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses and Crisis on Campus: A Bold Plan for Reforming Our […]

10 Tips for Succeeding in Business School and Beyond

  After working for about 10 years in business, I’m now finishing my tenth year in higher education, teaching business. This vantage point gives me a somewhat unique perspective on what it takes to perform well in business school. I’ve collected the insights from my experience in the following “10 Tips for Succeeding in Business School […]