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How to Get a Job: Know the Yankees Score

With the overall unemployment rate at 7.5 percent in April, times are tough.  So, it’s to be expected that people need to find different ways to make contacts. Knowing how to engage in lively, nonbusiness conversation is a key to getting a “leg up” on career opportunities or to making more friends. Suzy Bohnert explains how the high rate […]

Lebanon Valley College: From the Football Field to the Research Lab

Ian Bond of Lebanon Valley College isn’t spending his summer at football camp or lounging around waiting for the season to start again. The junior physics major is spending his summer days working on lab research at Lebanon Valley College with a grant from the National Science Foundation. Ian is working closely with professors working on […]

Student-Athletes: What to Consider Before Playing a Sport in College

By Ally Pelle For Deciding whether or not to play a competitive sport in college is a big one for any student and the answer is different for everyone. After four years of high school swimming and diving, I chose to continue swimming in college. I was a student-athlete for my freshman, sophomore and […]

Penn State Erupts Over Firing of Joe Paterno via Twitter #PSUCharges

By Sam Coren Staff Last night crisis spread throughout the Penn State University community over the firing of long-time Football Head Coach Joe Paterno and the swift resignation of University President Graham Spanier. The scandal surrounding the child molestation charges of former Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky blew up after it was revealed in a […]

This Week in College News: College President Resigns to Save Money

By Sam Coren Staff Every week StudentAdvisor compiles the top stories in college news. Here are some of the biggest stories that made the headlines this week:  Sierra Nevada College President resigns to save money. With much concern about the rising costs of college tuition, the high compensation of school administrators such as college presidents […]

Top 10 College Quidditch Teams

By Cate Eberman For Calling all Quidditch fans! You can now play Quidditch in the world of muggles! With the recent release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, I decided to explore the relatively new world of Muggle Quidditch. The Game of Quidditch: The game of Muggle Quidditch is basically the […]

This Week in College News: Lunch with Warren Buffet

By Sam Coren Staff Friday already? Time for another round up of the biggest stories in college news. In this edition of This Week in College News we’ll tackle the BCS, networking with billionaires, and the next wave in discrimination against tobacco smokers. Have no clue what’s going on? Go forth! Warren Buffett Wants […]

12 College Workout Survival Tips for Getting Back in Shape

By Amie Hoff For Summer will be here before you know it and yup, you guessed it – that means shorts and bathing suits too! Are you ready? Is your body ready? If you were one of the many who shelved your workouts over the winter because it was just too darn cold or […]

Student Advisor’s Top 10 College Sports Blogs

By Gabriel Perna, Special to The student body’s passion and dedication for sports is one of the great things about going to college and often keeps us connected as alumni. From sitting outside in the freezing rain hours before a game to painting one’s body UNC blue to coming up with unique cheers, songs […]

Best Colleges for Jocks

Some students take college athletics very seriously. For some student athletes, the college they attend either scouted them out, or provided a decent athletic scholarship. Regardless if you are a jock, a student athlete, or a huge sports fan, we wanted to share the 25 Best Colleges for Jocks according to Newsweek Education: 1. University […]