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Project Working Dad: Three Extraordinary Dads Complete Education Online

This Father’s Day, we wanted to honor three dads who made a commitment to higher education and, thanks to Ashford University, were able to go back to school. Now, as they finish their degrees and enter their fields with education and confidence, they discuss how they want to inspire their children to pursue higher ed. […]

71-Year-Old Great-Grandmother to Graduate from Ashford University

When graduation season rolls around, most people tend to think about young adults diving head first into the real world after receiving their diplomas. But what about those who chose to continue their education years after entering adulthood? Imagine being a great-grandmother about to earn your college degree! This year, 71-year-old Ashford University student Savannah Jones […]

Ashford University Pres. Reflects on the Growth of Online Colleges

By Dr. Elizabeth Tice, Ph.D. For The continued growth of online and distance learning has been driven by student demand, technology, a troubled economy and demographic changes. Its rapid expansion is closely tied to the growth of technology, the Internet and other new ways of delivering knowledge to more students beyond the previous boundaries […]