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A Career in Education: What You Need to Know

A Career in Education: What You Need to Know

A graduate degree in education builds professional performance, and can help your career in education advance to the next level.

Education Careers: Beyond the Classroom

Want to Teach? Study this.

Education careers can be found outside of the classroom. Get all the details on the professions that are open to you in the world of education.

Transferring from Community College? Plan Ahead!

fransferring from community college

Transferring from community college to a four-year university requires planning. These six tips can help you plan a smooth transition.

Going Back to School? New Traditions for Nontraditional Students

New Traditions for Non-Traditional Students

Going back to school as an adult? Don’t fret! Nontraditional students are no longer uncommon. Read about one woman’s journey to get her bachelor’s degree at age 29 and other options students like her have for going back to school.

Developing Digital Literacy for the Workplace

Developing Digital Literacy

Knowing how to navigate online is a fundamental skill for today’s job market. We’ve explained exactly what digital literacy skills you need and how you can improve them to stay current in the workplace.

A Career in Nursing: What You Need to Know


It’s possible to qualify as a registered nurse in 18 months or less of study. Registered nursing is the top occupation for job growth, and this is expected to continue at more than double the average rate for all other occupations through 2020.

26 Scholarships to Put Adults Back in College!

Adults going back to school

updated Mar 6, 2014 More adults are returning to college today than ever before. Statistics published by Northeastern University show that college enrollment is up 42% for students over 25 years old, compared with only a 34% increase in students under 25. In fact, the over-25 age group of students now makes up close to 40% of […]

6 Reasons to Go Back to School in Your 30s—or Beyond!

by Guillermo DiMaria for Julia Child didn’t learn to cook until she was 40, and she was 50 when she became a household name. Although he was told he was too old, opera singer Andrea Bocelli didn’t begin singing professionally until he was 34. And while Laura Ingalls Wilder will always be considered the young […]

Adult Education: 5 Reasons To Build a Relationship With Your Advisor

How can adult students develop a relationship with their college advisor that will last beyond their years at college? Ian Kelley of The 30 Something Student share his insight. Read more…

Scholarship Saturday: Adult Learning Scholarships

Adults need scholarships, too! At, we know that education has no age limit. Check out our list of scholarships for adults or anyone going back to school to finish or further their education. The entire list is available on the Scholarship Advisor mobile app: Ford ReStart Scholarship This need-based award was created to encourage […]

Student Spotlight: Brian Boudreau of Franklin Pierce University

One of the most important things about higher education is that everyone learns in different ways. Even though most talks of college involve the SATs, parties and dorm rooms, there are many people who choose to take a different path to their education. StudentAdvisor wants to highlight students that have done things a little differently, […]

Kaplan’s “Visionary Voices” Provide Inspiration for Students

Kaplan University released a series of YouTube videos that profile successful entrepreneurs and their thoughts on online and continuing education. You can see the series of videos here, or take a look at our favorites. Read more…