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11 Questions About Returning to College as a Non-Traditional Student ANSWERED!

non-traditional college student admissions

If the college admission process has you stressed as an adult returning to school, you are not alone. More non-traditional students are attending college than ever before, and their most common admissions questions are answered here.

Get a Clean Online Reputation in Time for Admissions

Get a Clean Online Reputation In Time for Admissions

If you’re getting ready to apply for a college, university, or internship, a clean online reputation will make all the difference.

Story2: Write a College Essay that Sounds Like You

college admission essay story2

If writing college admissions essays has you frustrated, check out this new online tool that will take you through the process step-by-step, and still let you sound like YOU!

Introducing Story2: A Completely Different Approach to College Admissions Essays

colley admission essay Story2

Writing your college admissions essays can be stressful, especially if you are applying to a number of colleges, but there’s new online writing tool that can help! Story2 will take you step-by-step by step through the process of writing your college admissions essay until you have a draft you’re proud of!

7 Things Parents Should Never Say during the Admissions Process

Parents and the Admissions Process

Going through the college admissions process is tough for a child. Parents: don’t make it harder! Here’s a comprehensive list of things to avoid.

Top 10 Summer Tasks for College Admissions


Use your extra time this summer to get ahead on your college admissions process. Start these 10 tasks now!

The Evolution of the College Acceptance Letter

The packet sent out by Lebanon Valley College to their accepted students.

The college acceptance letter has evolved into an opportunity for colleges to seal the deal with students through personal and social connections.

8 Tips to Help You Master the SAT Writing Test

SAT writing tips

These eight tried and true tips from an SAT expert will help any student achieve success on the essay section of their SAT test.

Deferred? Don’t Worry!

College Deferment

Did your college application get deferred? Don’t worry! A deferment is actually a positive thing and here’s why.

7 Lessons The Hunger Games Can Teach You about College Admissions

hunger-games-catching-fire-enemy 660x400

The Hunger Games trilogy is a tale of competition, relationships, betrayal, and success. Sound familiar? At, we see some pretty close parallels between The Hunger Games and the “College Admissions Games.”  To celebrate the release of the film adaptation of the second book in the series, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, we wanted to share some college […]

The 2013 Common App: Don’t Hit Submit Without Reading These 10 Tips!

Written by Purvi Mody for StudentAdvisor There has been quite a bit of grumbling in the media about the new version of the Common Application, the main application system for more than 500 colleges and universities. Admissions officers, high school counselors, and admissions experts around the country have all weighed in on the Common Application’s improvements […]

The Common App Fiasco

Has the Common App become a nightmare? This year the Common Application has been a “nightmare” according to students applying to college.  It seems that the Common App has hit a very serious glitch.  This is incredibly bad news as we are just entering the height of college application season.  Read our friend Purvi Mody’s,  […]