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Should I Take the ACT or the SAT?

By the time your student is ready to tackle college admissions tests, you will know the type of learner he or she is, what it is they excel in and what their weaknesses are. Do they cringe at the thought of test taking, or are they happy to keep a steady supply of #2 pencils […]

2013 SAT and ACT Test Dates

It’s the new year – and that means new tests to take! Whether you’re trying to ramp up your scores for your senior year, taking your SAT and ACT for the first time junior year, or getting a head start, you’ll need to know the dates the SAT and ACT tests are administered. Check out […]

What “MythBusters” Can Teach You about the ACT Science

The science section of the ACT is one that’s often meant with a little apprehension. After focusing on your verbal and math skills, what’s the best way to suddenly make the shift to science? Our best advice? Watch some TV! Jonathan Darrall of Kaplan Test Prep shows us that some of the best strategies for […]

$100 Off Kaplan SAT or ACT Prep Until the End of March

Did you know that several merit-based scholarships rely not just on your GPA, but your SAT or ACT test scores as well? So if you’ve been putting off cracking open those practice books, it’s time to get hustling if you want to be in good shape for those June exams! Not sure where to even […]

North Carolina’s First Required ACT Exam: What it Means for Students

By Taylor Cotter Staff The American College Test, known nationwide as the ACT, has become more than just an SAT alternative for North Carolina students. Beginning this March, all public and charter North Carolina high school juniors will be required to take the ACT, while the state  foots the bill. Lloyd M. Scott, director […]

How to Study for The ACT: Last Minute ACT Practice Tips

By Sam Coren Staff Students all across the country will be sharpening those number 2 pencils and gearing up to take the ACT exam soon. While college admissions exams are not exciting on their own, the anxiety leading up to test day can send you into a tizzy. And if you’re a terrible procrastinator about […]

SAT and ACT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines 2011-2012

By Sam Coren Staff College entrance exams are the bane of just about every high schooler in America. Between your regular coursework, after-school activities, and all the assorted craziness of being a teenager, do you really want to think about another test? To help you get through one of the most anxiety-filled times in your […]

Free Practice Test Month: Take the SAT, PSAT, or ACT in March

By Sam Coren Staff Do you get butterflies in your stomach just thinking about filling in little bubbles on standardized tests? One of the best ways to prep for your college entrance exams is to take a practice test. Sure, workbooks and flashcards are a decent way to get yourself familiar with the material, […]

2010 SAT Test Dates

Here are the upcoming SAT test dates. Make sure you register for the test you want to take by the below registration deadline. Good luck! TEST DATE / REGISTER BY: November 6 / October 8 December 4 / November 5 January 22 (2011)/ December 23, 2010 *If you have questions regarding the SAT or registering […]