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Misericordia University Professors and Students Take a Critical Eye to Comic Books

Misericordia University doesn’t just offer your run-of-the mill comic book class. We’ve all heard about classes on The Simpsons or graphic arts, but these two professors take comic book studies to a new level. Allan Austin and Patrick Hamilton teach “Race and Graphic Narrative in the Postwar United States,” a combined English and history course […]

How to Write a Research Paper in College by Mastering the Five Rs

By Stefanie Weisman For There are few tasks in college that demand such a wide variety of skills as writing a research paper. It requires time management, research skills, creativity, logic, persuasive writing, and much, much more. Intimidated? Don’t be. By following the “Five Rs” below, you’ll be well on your way to writing […]

Graduating College Early: What You Should Consider Before Committing

By Stephanie Miceli Staff I’ve heard the term “senioritis,” but I’m still not quite sure what it means. Senior year of high school is synonymous with “taking it easy,” ditching class for the beach, and organized pranks, for many. My senior year of high school didn’t consist of any of the aforementioned, because I […]

Registering for Classes? A College Course Selection Checklist

By Danielle Sandahl Staff It feels like you’ve barely started first semester when it’s suddenly time to register for the next. To many college students, trying to pick classes can be overwhelming and stressful – especially if you’re having a tough time making up your mind with so many options! But registering for classes […]

Top College Majors In Demand with Employers Revealed in NACE Job Outlook Survey

By Sam Coren Staff Having a tough time choosing a major? Finding out what degrees new grads are earning that are most popular with employers may be a good place to start. Each year, through the Job Outlook survey, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) surveys its employer members about their hiring plans […]

College Study Tips: How to Pull Off a Successful All-Nighter

By Sam Coren Staff Procrastination can be a way of life for some college students. After all, there are tons of distractions around campus and in your dorm:  late night water gun fights, impromptu parties, video game marathons, pick up games of Ultimate Frisbee, getting to know your new best friends…  Every now and […]

3 Practical Benefits to Foreign Language Courses in College

By Jayne Seward Staff As colleges and universities face budget shortfalls, foreign languages – sometimes with low enrollments – find themselves on the budgetary chopping block.  But language experts say there are many benefits to students in becoming fluent in a foreign language.  Critics of foreign language majors focus on the practical skill set […]

The 10 Coolest College Courses

Looking for a college class to take this Spring? Inventive faculty members are finding different ways to spice up college courses. Popular culture by its nature celebrates the here and now.  But how has the ‘here and now’ changed over time?  That’s just one of the questions that the course entitled From Elvis to Lady […]

Finding Academic Support on Campus During Finals Week

Now that term paper deadlines and final exams have arrived, savvy students have started heading to their campus center for academic support and help. Here is some extremely useful advice on how to make the most of a visit there: Ask anything. “We work really hard to get students to ask ‘dumb questions,’” says James Black, director of […]

Great Study Skills Are The Key To Success In School

Special to The challenge facing many school children these days is that for the most part they simply don’t have the study skills they need to succeed in the classroom. A major key to educational success is having these strong study skills. Most parents (and many teachers) don’t think to teach their children how […]

6 Study Tips

Whether you are taking classes over the summer, or preparing to return to school in the fall, one thing all students have in common is studying. Although people learn differently, here are 6 study tips that will be helpful to anyone hitting the books: 1. SET ASIDE TIME. It’s important to schedule time for when […]

10 Tips for Succeeding in Business School and Beyond

  After working for about 10 years in business, I’m now finishing my tenth year in higher education, teaching business. This vantage point gives me a somewhat unique perspective on what it takes to perform well in business school. I’ve collected the insights from my experience in the following “10 Tips for Succeeding in Business School […]