How To Survive Graduate School: 5 Tips For Busy Students

 tips for busy graduate students

The demands of graduate school can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are 5 helpful hints for surviving whatever graduate school might throw at you.

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1. Get Your Degree Online

For students who have a jobs, kids and other responsibilities, getting a degree online is a great option. You can get degrees in military history, business, finance and more online. This will allow you to schedule around your studies and have more control over your time.

2. Be Realistic

Be realistic about your assignments. Many instructors intentionally assign more material than they think students will be able to handle, and, in fact, expect you to identify when to skim and when to dig deeper. Identify the most important and relevant assignments for each course and use study groups, speed reading, and reviews or summaries to catch up on the rest.

3. Take Care Of Your Health

Graduate students spend so much time with their thoughts that they often forget to take care of their health, leading to tension, injury, illness, and other time-consuming nuisances. Take breaks as you work, drink plenty of water, and limit your alcohol intake. Exercise regularly. Even taking the stairs or getting off the bus one stop early can help you recharge.

4. Develop A Hobby

As time consuming as graduate school is, it is vital to maintain a life outside of it. Many students identify so strongly with their work that they feel paralyzed when something in their studies goes wrong. Protect yourself by pursuing other hobbies. Whether you take up knitting, salsa dancing, or long distance running, you will be more productive in the long run if you can see yourself as more than just a graduate student.

More importantly, use these hobbies to connect with people outside of your school. They will help you stay grounded and connected to the “real world.” It is wonderful to have friends within your field, but it is all too common for school-based gatherings to turn to talk of work and deadlines.

5. Be Open To Changes

Finally, remember that you are not trapped in the field you have chosen. Take stock of the skills you learn in every class and brainstorm other applications. You may be surprised at the type of work your degree could prepare you for, and knowing your options will motivate you to keep moving forward. Be willing to shift your classes or even degree if it’s important to you.

Graduate school is a busy and stressful time, but if you use these tips to take care of yourself you will thrive, not just survive, in your program.




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