StudentAdvisor Unveils the Top 100 Social Media Colleges

By Dean Tsouvalas Editor-in-Chief

StudentAdvisor Top 100 Social Media Colleges badgeDid you say social media? Top 100 Colleges? Can you say, “Who ARE the Top 100 Social Media Colleges?” Today we’re thrilled to announced the inaugural list of the Top 100 Social Media Colleges – some of the results may surprise you!

So you may be wondering how on earth we came up with this list. The answer? Science, of course! StudentAdvisor’s Principle Scientist, Katherine Godfrey, Ph.D., started with a comprehensive list of more than six thousand post-secondary degree-granting U.S.-based institutions. After that we researched Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts and other social media sites associated with each of those schools.

The team then restricted the rankings to include only those schools that met the following criteria:

    1. Facebook pages that had at least 500 fans


    1. Each college had to have at least one Facebook fan page and at least one Twitter account in order to be included in the rankings


  1. Colleges who could not confirm total enrollment information were removed

To help us evaluate the Twitter account data we partnered up with our friends at HubSpot who are the creators of, a free tool that allows you to check the power of your Twitter profile compared to millions of other users that have been graded. We gave them the list of colleges’ Twitter accounts and they provided the Twitter grades.

The most surprising findings were in the incredibly diverse ways the colleges engage in social media. To arrive at the inaugural list, the data included total Facebook fan counts, total number and effectiveness of Twitter followers among other factors. During the course of the list compilation, the team is regularly re-measuring and updating the data by revisiting the various Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.

So what are you waiting for?  Go check out the complete Top 100 Social Media Colleges list

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