Student Advisor’s Top 10 College Sports Blogs

By Gabriel Perna, Special to

SA college sports blogThe student body’s passion and dedication for sports is one of the great things about going to college and often keeps us connected as alumni. From sitting outside in the freezing rain hours before a game to painting one’s body UNC blue to coming up with unique cheers, songs and intimidating chants, nothing brings a school community together quite like sports.

The following 10 are the best of the best college sports blogs as chosen by

1.      Gator Country ( When you’ve won as much as the Florida Gators have over the years, a strong fan base is sure to follow. This Gator crazy blog has videos, its own radio show, pictures and articles. It has forums for both free users and subscribing insiders. It even has its own magazine.

2.      In The Bleachers ( Getting someone who has played a sport to comment on it is usually a coup for a blog. Getting someone who has played and can write to be the main contributor is impressive. That’s what makes In The Bleachers a must read for any serious college football fan. Michael Felder, a former safety at UNC, provides a witty, insightful eye to the college football landscape. He also has a weekly podcast with some of the biggest names in the college football media.

3.      M Go Blog ( The University of Michigan is a large school with a fan base that’s bigger than most pro teams. This blog stands out for having active fan forums, podcasts and videos. It’s clear these guys know everything there is to know about Michigan athletics, especially football. The site even has interviews from players, which is a feat in itself for a fan blog.

4.      Club Trillion ( Former Ohio State Buckeye basketball bench rider, Mark Titus, runs this site. It has grown in popularity thanks to the help of widely read ESPN columnist, Bill Simmons. It has a fresh take on what it’s like to ride the bench at a big-time D1 school as well as a behind the scenes take on college athletics.

5.      The Heisman Pundit ( Every year sports fans follow the Heisman race as intensely as movie lovers do with the Oscar Best Picture competition. No site does a better job of analyzing this race than Heisman Pundit, run by former Southern Cal’ sports information director Chris Huston. Sports Illustrated called it “The Heisman’s foremost authority.”

gridirongoddess6.      Gridiron Goddess ( In the college blog world, it’s rare to see a girl with as much passion as Amy Lamare. The USC grad’s site covers both college and pro football, but it’s her passion for the latter that stands out. In a few years, the site has gone from a simple WordPress blog to an all-encompassing site. Ms. Lamare herself has appeared on various radio shows as a result of the blog’s success.

7.      The Mid Majority ( The Mid Majority is for the little guys, fans and students of small, “mid-major” schools. These are the schools that play the role of Cinderella during the NCAA Tournament. Former ESPN writer Kyle Whelliston has done a good job keeping this blog in tune with the mid majors. Sports Illustrated has called Kyle the “Jack Kerouac of mid majors.”

8.      Notre Dame Football Blog ( Once upon a time, Notre Dame was considered the quintessential college football school. While the team itself has petered off in recent years, fan support is still as wild as ever. This blog is extensive with articles, commentaries, forums, chat rooms. It even has a thorough section on Notre Dame’s glory days.

9.      Storming The Floor ( While the style of this blog isn’t that impressive, the content more than makes up for it. These guys are college hoops fans to the core. While they can tell you probably tell you everything there is to know about an upcoming Duke vs. UNC showdown, they can do the same for a CAA match between the James Madison Dukes and the Virginia Commonwealth Rams. The best part about Storming The Floor is the biting humor that comes with each post. Recently the blog came up with a list of 50 of the funniest names in college basketball. That is what you call dedication.

10.  SB Nation’s Every Day Should Be Saturday ( For fanatics of college football, Every Day Should Be Saturday is about as complete of a blog as you will get. Run by the SB (Sports Blog) Nation, which has used a partnership with Sports Illustrated to gain lots of traction, Every Day Should Be Saturday has everything from articles, interviews, audio and video.  SB nation bought many of the independent college sports blogs and have put them under their banner – other favorites include Alabama Crimson’s Roll ‘Bama Roll ( and Texas Longhorn’s Burnt Orange Nation (

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