Starting a Business in College: The aSociete Story

starting a business in collegeStarting a business out of your dorm room just might be the ultimate group project! Young entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg have inspired many students to rethink putting off starting a business until after they get their degrees. Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel even launched a competition to find 24 entrepreneurs under the age of 20 to put off college in exchange for $100,000 to start their own companies.

But what about students who don’t want to forgo finishing college AND still start their own companies? Starting a business in college isn’t for everyone, but those with the inspiration and drive are making it happen right now. Want to know how?  StudentAdvisor asked Vanessa Gabriel, the 19 year old co-founder of, a members-only deal site for college students, to tell us about her experience launching her own business while still in school. Read more…

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