Spending Valentine’s Day Single: A College Student’s Guide

Spending Valentine’s Day Single

By Taylor Cotter
StudentAdvisor.com Staff

Are you one of the many college students spending Valentine’s Day single this year? Valentine’s Day can be a bummer if you don’t have a boyfriend, girlfriend or date with whom to share it. But never fear – there are so many ways in college to celebrate the ones you love without having to go on a romantic date!

Here are 5 heartwarming suggestions for how to spend your V-Day solo:

1. Galentine’s Day

Coined by the always-wise Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is “is about celebrating lady friends. It’s wonderful, and it should be a national holiday.” It’s important to spend time with your closest friends (gals and guys), but it’s extra-important around Valentine’s Day. Chances are, you’re not the only one of your girls (or bros) that will be alone on February 14th. Hook up Netflix Instant Stream to a TV, order take-out food and remember that celebrating love with your friends is just as important (or even more important!) than having a date.

2. Treat Yourself

The best thing about being single on Valentine’s Day? Not having to split a check, buy a present, or even a dig through the racks for a singing card. Take the money you would have spent on a date and spend it on something for you – new clothes, new books, new electronics, or even an extravagant dinner for one. There won’t be any time for moping around when you’re loading up a new iPod or engaged in a great book.

3. Singles Events

If you’d rather spend your Valentine’s Day searching for love, many colleges and local restaurants host speed dating and singles mixers. Grab a single friend and check out what your neighborhood has to offer! If you don’t meet anybody, you’ll be sure to have an entertaining night with your friend that you can laugh about later.

4. Spend Time With Your Family

If your college is close to your family, it might be a great time to take a short trip home for a nice dinner. After all, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating your boyfriend or girlfriend, but about celebrating love. If you don’t live close enough to go home, schedule a time to video-chat or send them handmade cards. Spending some time with your parents and siblings, especially if you don’t see them often, is an incredibly special way to spend the 14th.

5. Do What You Love

Not having a date isn’t an excuse to not spend time with something else you love. Go to a yoga class, re-read your favorite book, or spend the night watching bad TV. There are plenty of great things in your life – carve out a few hours to spend some time with them!

Are you doing something fun that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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