Speed to a Degree with Your Military Service

Military experience for college credit

Your unique position as a military service member is recognized at universities across the country. The military is so much more than combat training—it’s real-world training. But being in the military is also a huge time commitment, and your hands-on training may not leave you with a college degree.

You may feel like you’ve lost time during your military service to get your college degree. While you were serving your country, your friends finished classes and earned their degrees. You’ve worked hard and dedicated part of your life to something greater than yourself. The time you’ve devoted to your service can get you ahead in your education and your career.

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Many universities will grant academic credit for military training and accelerate your path toward getting your college degree.  A military-friendly program with one of the clearest credit matches for military experience can be found at Kaplan University (KU). Their Associate of Science in Health Science (ASHS) degree program evaluates your experience and converts that into course credits. Depending on your branch of service and your occupational specialty, you can get up to 70 credits applied toward an ASHS—that’s 75% of a completed associate’s degree!

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By matching your military experience to course credits, KU reduces the amount of time it will take you to earn a degree and enter the workforce. Instead of starting in classes with 18-year-old students, you are placed in the program to learn only what you need and speed your way to a degree. Earning credit for your experience helps you spend less time on course work and save money on tuition.  In some cases, you could have a degree in as little as four courses.

The program is designed to help you build on what you already know in health science and prepare you for a career in various health sciences fields. Your military experience in many occupational specialties—dental specialist, pharmacy specialist, behavioral health, medical logistics, and many more—can qualify for course credits. You can find your credit transfer opportunities for your background on KU’s Military Medical website.

KU also helps you significantly cut down on tuition costs. They offer tuition reductions of 55% for active service members and 38% for veterans. The combination of tuition assistance and credit transfers for military experience offers military service members a realistic path toward quickly earning a degree and advancing your career.

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Your military service can get you ahead in earning a college degree! Use the experience you’ve gained with the military to be even more qualified for a career and earn your college degree in less time with less cost. You earned it.

What kind of unique learning did you get while serving in the military?

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