September First Aftermath: College Move-In Day in Boston [VIDEO]

By Megan Kenslea Staff

Anyone from Boston will tell you that you’d be crazy to drive through the city on September 1st. With more colleges located in and around the city than I can list, September 1st is the biggest moving day of the year. As a lifelong Boston resident and current Boston University student, I should have known that. Yet, through a series of events beyond my control, I found myself sitting through forty-five minutes of traffic yesterday just to get through Kenmore Square. (If you aren’t from Boston, it usually takes about two and a half minutes to drive through Kenmore.)

One good thing about September 1st in Boston? Allston Christmas. Allston is one of Boston’s most populated residential areas and is the off-campus neighborhood of choice for legions of college students. While September 1st can be a veritable nightmare, its also kind of like a giant anti-yardsale. Imagine the visible spoils of college life strewn through the street: discarded couches, mattresses and dressers up for grabs on every corner as far as the eye can see.

This video, a new favorite of the StudentAdvisor team, sums up the day pretty perfectly:

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