Scholarships: You Can’t Afford Not to Apply

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Writing a scholarship essay was the last thing I wanted to think about throughout my education, especially my senior year in high school. In the midst of SATs, ACTs and college applications, writing another essay outside of school was not high on my to-do list. I never even considered looking for scholarships while in college. Five years later, I wish I had.

The truth is, I was daunted by the task of applying for scholarships. I remember how hectic it was and how much stress I felt over choosing the right college, the right major, the right career. I didn’t have time to seek out scholarships. I didn’t know where to start, or how to start looking. I also thought – wrongly – that I wouldn’t have a good chance of getting one anyway. I wasn’t an athlete, or a woman in engineering. I wasn’t involved in my town government.

Now, there’s an app for that. Meet Scholarship Advisor. (and download it here!)

Scholarship Advisor is an app that I wish I had the capability of using in those stressed-out high school days. It’s the answer to everything I didn’t have time for or was too overwhelmed to do. Thousands of scholarships are sitting, waiting, right at your fingertips. They are even categorized into lists for fast and easy browsing, making it simple to find a scholarship that you’re qualified for.

If you’re like me, you need to immediately write down your tasks and to-do lists as they come up, or the information will get lost in your ever-buzzing mind. My favorite feature of Scholarship Advisor is the ability to add scholarship deadlines right to your personal calendar with one simple tap. Scholarship Advisor takes the stress, the guesswork, the frustration out of searching for scholarships – how could I apply when I didn’t know what was out there? Scholarship Advisor is the answer, boasting an extensive database of regularly updated scholarships.

Today, graduating college without debt is almost unheard of. Every year, I watched my college tuition increase and my student loans get larger. The fact is, college is incredibly expensive, and the cost of tuition continues to rise. According to a new report by the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association, tuition at public colleges and universities reached an all-time high last year. The average cost of tuition rose by 8.3% (via CNNMoney).

Like many of my peers, I graduated from a four-year university with great grades and a robust resume, yet a tough job market made it difficult to find full-time work. A struggling economy has meant high unemployment rates for recent college graduates, yet in 2012, the average borrower owed over $27,000 in student loans (according to study by FICO, via Forbes).

Instead of graduating with the pressure of paying back student loans (in a timely manner, of course, or risking a bad credit score), I wish I could tell my high school self to just push a little bit harder – take the time to write a few more essays. The effort then would have helped me out now. Now, with Scholarship Advisor, half of the work is done already.

A scholarship is an award, a gift, something that doesn’t need to be paid back. Best of all, it’s free! The only cost on the student’s end is time – and it’s not lost. It’s an investment in your own future. Make it even easier by using Scholarship Advisor, free for download from iTunes.

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