Scholarships: StudentAdvisor Launches Scholarship Advisor Mobile App

sa team appAt, we have officially launched the Scholarship Advisor app for iPhone and iPad users that provides students with quick access to thousands of college scholarship opportunities worth millions of dollars. The free app connects users with fast and easy tools to search, match, save and share scholarships so that students never miss a scholarship application deadline. Download now!

“Spring is ‘college decision season’– the time of year  when hundreds of thousands of students receive news about their applications to colleges,” explains Dean Tsouvalas, StudentAdvisor’s editor-in-chief. “The Scholarship Advisor app creates a ‘fast lane’ to find scholarships and financial help to make opportunities happen for aspiring students of all ages.”

scholarship-advisorAvailable at, or the iTunes app store as a free download, the Scholarship Advisor app includes a wide assortment of academic and nonacademic scholarships that can help traditional and nontraditional college students fund their education.

“With the rising costs of education, more and more students are looking for help to make college more affordable,” said Tsouvalas. “They can’t afford to miss out because a [scholarship application] deadline passed without them knowing. Since many scholarships are small, regional, or not well-known, the Scholarship Advisor app brings these scholarships within reach of those who need money for college.”

To learn more about the Scholarship Advisor app, visit