Scholarship Saturday: Presidents’ Day Scholarships

Happy Presidents’ Day! Check out’s Scholarship Advisor mobile application for our exclusive Presidents’ Day list of scholarships. Included on this list is:

Tau Kappa Epsilon Ronald Reagan Leadership Award: Named in honor of the 40th president of the United States, this award recognizes dedication and loyalty to Tau Kappa Epsilon. Frater Reagan was initiated a Teke at Iota Chapter at Eureka College.

Richard Milhous Nixon Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship was established in the fall of 1994 in memory of the United States 37th President. President Nixon, a native to Orange County, is remembered as a hard-working, dedicated and successful leader.

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund Grant: Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Grants support research on North American fauna in any phase of wildlife conservation or natural history.

Harry S. Truman ScholarshipThe mission of the Truman Scholars Association (TSA) is to build, maintain and educate a community of Truman Scholars; to foster a life long commitment to public service in all its forms through intellectual, personal, and professional development; and to support and promote public service. 

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